Check out the SMART Board 6000 Series

SMART Board® 6000 series

The hub of today’s classroom

The most popular SMART Board, the 6000 series is the all-in-one classroom solution. Tools are simple and intuitive. The interactive display comes with an embedded computer and world-class education software to help teachers deliver engaging and collaborative lessons.

Our best value SMART Boards are available in 65” and 75” models.

A new technology, exclusive to SMART Boards

iQ technology makes the SMART Board the essential hub of the classroom. It connects lesson content, interactive displays, devices and pedagogically relevant software to create one cohesive experience. Instantly access SMART Learning Suite’s interactive lessons, game-based activities, and online co-creation, as well as features like wireless screen sharing and a digital whiteboard.

There’s no need for wires and cables, nor manual software and firmware updates. Everything you need is in one place, and available at the touch of a finger.

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Check out the SMART Board 4000 Series

SMART Board® 4000 series

Tomorrow’s technology today

No matter the teaching style or classroom environment, give students the best in collaboration technology. Now available in 65″, 75″ and 84″ models.

Silktouch™ technology

The most accurate, natural, and responsive touch experience from corner to corner. Fingers glide effortlessly over the surface, providing hours of error-free use in perfect comfort.

SMART ink™ technology

Writing is natural and looks better with SMART ink. Whether you’re using a pen or finger, each stroke is a work of art. Its realistic digital ink improves legibility, so teachers don’t have to re-write and students feel confident contributing.

Brilliant HD or Ultra HD resolution

Durable, commercial-grade HD LED panels display images in 1080p resolution. The 75” and 84” models includes Ultra HD resolution. No more downtime fixing burnt out projector bulbs, no shadows getting in the way, no glare or hot spots, and no faded images.

Simultaneous touch points

With up to 10 simultaneous touch points for Windows, multiple students can use gestures, like zoom, rotate and flip, at the same time. The natural learning experience develops essential life-long collaboration skills without students realizing it.

Mini PC compatibility

Have the flexibility to equip classrooms and collaboration environments the best way you see fit. There are mounting points for Mini PCs available (75” and 84” only).

SMART Learning Suite included

SMART Board® 4000 series includes access to four of the world’s best education software tools:

SMART Notebook: The world-leading software designed for education.
SMART lab: Create engaging activities in less than 5 minutes.
SMART amp: Discover co-creation on a level you’ve never seen.
SMART response 2: Quick and effective formative assessment.
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Does Your Classroom Have Cubelets?

Inspire a love of learning through play. Cubelets® robot blocks make it fast and easy to engage children as young as four in learning by building robots. There’s no wrong way to build with Cubelets, so it is remarkably easy to transform these blocks into brilliant bundles of robotic curiosity.

Cubelets Blockly is the perfect platform to learn to program your own robots!

This simple and powerful visual programming tool gives you full control over your Cubelets® robot blocks. Create countless new robots and behaviors with the power of code. Cubelets Blockly is a FREE coding environment for your Cubelets® robot blocks. Blockly, a visual programming language originally developed by Google, forms the backbone of this powerful learning tool available for macOS and Windows.

Supported by new curriculum:

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What’s With Your Power Supply?

More than ever, a faulty power supply could lead to hardware failure, in addition to dangerous situations, like a fire. So what does having the exact power supply do for your piece of technology?

Devices Power Supply

Power supply’s are exactly what they seem to be – a source of power, through electricity – for your device. Now, we know that Power is equal to voltage multiplied by amperage – but how does that apply to the devices we use on an daily basis?

Default power supplies for devices are clocked to produce a specific amount of power, for that device. The calculations are near perfect, for the billing capabilities of the device, particularly. What happens when we connect a power supply or charger that was not made for that device? Nothing too wild happens, but there is a greater possibility for your device to become damaged if your electricity supply is from a third-party, or is not formatted/made for your device.

If you’ve ever bought a knock-off Apple or Android phone charging cord, you could probably tell that there just is not something right; The charge-speed will oscillate, the link never stays connected, etc..

That’s because you have got the wrong power source!

Coloring Within The Lines

Don’t worry, just because you are using a knock-off supply of electricity doesn’t necessarily mean your Android or iPhone will malfunction, or become damaged. Switch back to your factory-model Android or iPhone charger – that it is possible to find in Apple stores and electronic stores throughout the globe. They may be pricier, but it’ll save you in the long-run. Different problems can come of faulty power supply’s, and you do not want to damage your devices.

Let us talk about Power Supply’s for greater parts of technology, like a computer. A lot of folks buy laptop and PC chargers from eBay, or online at a very low cost. However, often times the user will not be conscious of the output and input levels of Power, being created in the power supply/charger.

Power Supply: Input Output

What is a power input?

Your input is what sort of power will be coming to the device. Most kinds of input power act as an AC power unit, which stands for Alternating Current power unit. Your AC Power is standardized by what country you reside in, and where the power comes from. Our wall sockets here in America provide a 120 V residential standard voltage input. We plug our cords (or power supply’s) to these generalized plug-ins, to receive a power input, in order to charge our devices, through an output.

What is a power output?

A power output is the DC power level where your device receives power, from the adapter, through the outlet. DC stands for Direct Current, and unlike an alternating current, the power only moves one way in a direct current power line. These rules between AC and DC power currents are put in place so as to power hubs and devices accordingly & efficiently.Remember: Power Supply’s have multiple factors that come with. In order to prevent any harm to your apparatus or yourself, make certain you’re using the appropriate kind of power supply for your device. Don’t get shocked, jock; become an AV-amateur and read into what you’re plugging in, before you do it.

If you’ve got a big-name AV integration job, there’s no other solution than CCS. Check out the CCS Mid-Atlantic Contact page to get in touch with a qualified representative, straight from CCS MA.

Reasons for Steady Growth in the Pro AV Market

The Pro AV Market, or professional audio visual market, has enjoyed a steady growth over the past decade, and is projected to continue growing into the next two to three years, at least. InfoComm International, which is the global trade association that represents the commercial audio/visual (AV) industry, projected the growth rate for 2016 and 2017 at fourteen percent. It is currently a multibillion-dollar industry that crosses industries. The growth has been steady for several reasons.

Variations of Pro AV Systems

A major contributor to the significant surge in the market is the multitude of variations of systems. Small systems, for example, can be comprised of one projector, and a view screen. That is very similar to old-fashioned slide projectors used in classrooms. Today, the system is digital, and the screen is in high definition, but the concept is the same. A video camera with sound capability is another example of a commercial AV system. These systems are used in single classrooms, set-up for minor presentations, and used for on-site demonstrations of products in the grocery store.

Larger systems, consisting of several components, are used in theaters, universities, sports arenas, hotels, casinos, concert halls, and conference centers. Major corporations also use several components to connect offices, provide interactive video conferencing, and support a mobile workforce. Hospitals, department stores, malls, and restaurants also utilize complicated systems to provide information, advertise products, and entertain customers. Systems include sound, lighting, a display screen, and projection systems.

Industries Served

Another reason for the increased demand is the versatility of the Pro AV Market. Systems are utilized in almost every industry, and can be found in the majority of homes as well. Home theaters are popular because they are cost-effective, compared to taking the family out to a movie theater. Creative visuals are required these days to capture the attention. Video walls have been designed to draw people to venues, casinos, and events.

Several systems can be designed and engineered to show one image, or show different images to accommodate the ever-shrinking attention span of wired humans. The volume has to be louder because people are wearing headphones, or talking on their smart phones. Bigger, brighter, and louder is the only way to stand out from the competition. Pro AV Integration has advanced to a level that provides connectivity for any number of systems. That allows more industries to utilize AV systems. That airline, for example, can control projectors and screens at multiple airports to schedule specific advertisements, inform passengers of changes, and promote new service routes.

Seeking Custom AV Solutions

Each industry, and individual businesses will have unique needs, and goals for their AV systems. Companies that can provide full services, such as CCS Mid Atlantic, for example, will save businesses time and money when it comes to developing the ideal system. Consultation services are available to assist business owners in selecting the appropriate system. Design and engineering services are offered to create innovative solutions to systems and integration issues. Installation of all types of products is conducted, and project management is available to ensure the process operates smoothly, from beginning to end. Custom CCS Presentation Systems have been successful across industries, and across the globe. Training, in multiple formats, is also provided to help professionals get the most use out of their AV investment.