The Pro AV Market, or professional audio visual market, has enjoyed a steady growth over the past decade, and is projected to continue growing into the next two to three years, at least. InfoComm International, which is the global trade association that represents the commercial audio/visual (AV) industry, projected the growth rate for 2016 and 2017 at fourteen percent. It is currently a multibillion-dollar industry that crosses industries. The growth has been steady for several reasons.

Variations of Pro AV Systems

A major contributor to the significant surge in the market is the multitude of variations of systems. Small systems, for example, can be comprised of one projector, and a view screen. That is very similar to old-fashioned slide projectors used in classrooms. Today, the system is digital, and the screen is in high definition, but the concept is the same. A video camera with sound capability is another example of a commercial AV system. These systems are used in single classrooms, set-up for minor presentations, and used for on-site demonstrations of products in the grocery store.

Larger systems, consisting of several components, are used in theaters, universities, sports arenas, hotels, casinos, concert halls, and conference centers. Major corporations also use several components to connect offices, provide interactive video conferencing, and support a mobile workforce. Hospitals, department stores, malls, and restaurants also utilize complicated systems to provide information, advertise products, and entertain customers. Systems include sound, lighting, a display screen, and projection systems.

Industries Served

Another reason for the increased demand is the versatility of the Pro AV Market. Systems are utilized in almost every industry, and can be found in the majority of homes as well. Home theaters are popular because they are cost-effective, compared to taking the family out to a movie theater. Creative visuals are required these days to capture the attention. Video walls have been designed to draw people to venues, casinos, and events.

Several systems can be designed and engineered to show one image, or show different images to accommodate the ever-shrinking attention span of wired humans. The volume has to be louder because people are wearing headphones, or talking on their smart phones. Bigger, brighter, and louder is the only way to stand out from the competition. Pro AV Integration has advanced to a level that provides connectivity for any number of systems. That allows more industries to utilize AV systems. That airline, for example, can control projectors and screens at multiple airports to schedule specific advertisements, inform passengers of changes, and promote new service routes.

Seeking Custom AV Solutions

Each industry, and individual businesses will have unique needs, and goals for their AV systems. Companies that can provide full services, such as CCS Mid Atlantic, for example, will save businesses time and money when it comes to developing the ideal system. Consultation services are available to assist business owners in selecting the appropriate system. Design and engineering services are offered to create innovative solutions to systems and integration issues. Installation of all types of products is conducted, and project management is available to ensure the process operates smoothly, from beginning to end. Custom CCS Presentation Systems have been successful across industries, and across the globe. Training, in multiple formats, is also provided to help professionals get the most use out of their AV investment.

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