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AV Integration improves the experience of employees, clients, customers, guests, and stakeholders. Yet, it means something different depending on the AV solution being installed. Whether your needs are an auditorium, a classroom, control center or interactive entertainment displays, CCS Midwest’s certified professionals will develop a seamless and effective AV solution that meets your needs.

Board Rooms


Executive Briefing and Customer Experience Centers offer a shared experience between organizations, their employees, executives, and the clients they wish to connect with or gain. Built to make connections, showcase your brand value, and drive growth, these spaces are best supported through a dynamic audio-visual experience. From understanding your vision to design and integration, and support with managed services, CCS Midwest is your partner in audio visual excellence.

Conference Rooms


Whether you need a meeting space, huddle space, boardroom, conference space, or anything in between, you can trust CCS Midwest to create reliable audio visual environments that increase productivity, innovation, and collaboration. We harness the latest cutting-edge technology and best-fit audio and video solutions that fit your requirements and environment so your meeting spaces work seamlessly.

From standalone mobile stations and custom integrations to proactive managed services options, CCS Midwest offers turnkey audio-visual, unified communications, and collaboration solutions. Our experts will work with you to design a solution that perfectly suits your space requirements and communications needs.

Training / Classrooms


CCS Midwest delivers unified audio-visual solutions that allow classrooms and training facilities to function flawlessly, reliably, and productively, while engaging instructors and pupils alike. Whether your space is to educate students or employees, innovative audio-visual and communication systems can take learning to a new level. Specialized AV technology such as classroom presentation systems, display solutions, and integrated audio solutions find their place in multi-functional environments. Learn how CCS Midwest can help make the most of your organization’s learning spaces for enhanced learning and engagement.

Huddle Spaces


Huddle spaces have the power to transform places into cultural campuses that inspire innovation, create brand loyalty, and stimulate investment. After completing thousands of unique projects, CCS Midwest has the expertise to handle all audio-visual design, build, and management needs. Whether it’s an all hands room, auditorium, campus eatery, conference center, or lobby/reception area, creating a beautiful, yet productive and functional AV environment is paramount. Trust CCS Midwest to help your organization communicate your message in all your specialty spaces.

Lobby/Reception Spaces


Lobby/reception spaces are the first impression people have about your company and its people and culture. In these spaces, the most important criteria for your audio-visual solutions is to have an integrated look and feel. Audio video systems must be installed to allow for both form AND function. Digital signage/way-finding solutions are key components that allow your customers to garner valuable information about your company and where to find more information. CCS Midwest can design, implement and support the technologies your organization needs to ensure your message is communicated precisely and effectively.

Microsoft Teams / ZOOM Rooms


In today’s ever-changing world of communication methods, one thing is certain: video conferencing is vital. Having a system that is easy to use and manage is more important than ever. With TEAMS and ZOOM, you can now have the power of a “one-touch” meet and present experience. CCS Midwest is proud to partner with leading manufacturers that are TEAMS and ZOOM certified, allowing us to better serve you and your collaborative needs.

Sound Masking / Speech Privacy


Whether in a corporate environment or in a healthcare facility, knowing that your conversation is secure and private gives peace-of-mind. Sound masking solutions are engineered to allow your employees, customers or patients to feel at-ease. A well-designed sound masking solution will generate a specially engineered frequency, making speech unintelligible and improving privacy.

Let CCS Midwest help you implement a speech privacy solution that will allow your employees and guests to know their conversations are safe.