When the largest supplier of printing paper and envelopes in the Southeast United States sought to renovate their headquarters in Jacksonville, FL, they turned to CCS for an innovative solution that would match their reputation for excellence. Working together with the customers’ executive team, CCS created a compelling statement about our approach to technology in the corporate environment.

Prior to CCS’s AV installation, the clients’ boardroom lacked the technology to have quality meetings. CCS developed a subtle and transparent integration to allow for ease of use and seamless collaborative meetings to take place across all levels.

One key challenge was to address the placement of 90” flat panel display on the room’s angled front wall. The CCS design team was able to overcome this with the use of an articulating mount which can easily swing the display 30 degrees out from the wall. A custom speaker bar with a cutout for a camera was integrated just below the display so that the camera would follow the display and properly positioned for optimum viewing and web-conferencing.

The system supports multiple presentation sources including PC’s, cable TV, web-conferencing & laptops, all of which is controlled with a single touch panel. The touch panel can be located either at the table or at the custom credenza. The table is outfitted with three cable cubbies with the ability to connect power, network, USB jump drives, digital & analog video signals.

The ability to walk in and easily use the integrated technology was a huge step forward. Since the installation, the Boardroom is now viewed as the hotspot for brainstorming and collaboration.

Doug Mann, General Manager – CCS Midwest

5530 South Florida Mining Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32257

o: 904.998.7227 x316 | f: 904.998.7225 m: 904.607.2032

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