Digital Signage and Audio Visual Solutions – An Overview

Digital displays and digital signage in workplaces, hotels, bars, restaurants, education classrooms and other learning environments is on the rise. It’s called ‘digital out of home media’ (DOOH) and it’s expected to show sustained growth over the next few years.

Exact market numbers are difficult to come by in this fragmented industry, but at least one audio-visual solutions industry study by InfoComm shows that the North American audiovisual market generates nearly $19 billion yearly, and is expected to show annual growth of at least nine percent over the next several years.

Where are all of these digital signage and digital displays ending up? Answer: mostly in company workplaces; hotels, bars and restaurants, and throughout educational school systems. Generally, it’s often where content and ideas are exchanged using a variety of visual and data connections. Let’s look at a range of audio-visual solutions for different applications across a range of physical locations.

Audio Visual Solutions for Business Locations

Digital displays and integrated AV technology goes hand in hand with many businesses. In many instances, a company conference room is the hub, a collaborative center for idea exchange showcased on digital signage. This is where companies will integrate digital displays along with audio, video and control systems to create a winning technology environment to showcase company plans and win customers.

In other cases, a large company auditorium is the centerpiece for digital technology involving audio-visual solutions. This large room may be where all kinds of AV technology is present, from projectors and projection screens to HD video conferencing. Additionally, the hub may feature other systems integration components like audio conferencing tools, broadcast camcorders and remote pan-and-tilt cameras.

Audio-Visual Solutions for Hotels, Bars, Restaurants and Hospitality Locations

Digital signage in the hospitality arena takes on a different AV dimension – it becomes more dynamic in its presentation. In this market, you’ll find more outdoor signage, revolving restaurant menus, ceiling-hung digital displays, family-friendly entertainment monitors for kids and more. The integrated system may even include connected devices and displays in guest rooms to promote local tourism and restaurants.

Digital signage can create an immersive and welcoming experience for hotel guests, adding visual appeal, shiny aesthetics and more. Digital Signage Today offers a downloadable white paper for more tips on how hotels can effectively use digital signage.

Audio-Visual Solutions for Schools, Colleges and Universities

From K12 to university level, more classrooms are being connected via network Internet access and video, voice and data systems. Using digital signage, interactive whiteboards and other audio visual technology, teachers have a broader capability from school districts and university admins to utilize more technology in the classroom. From computer labs to auditoriums with video to cafeteria monitors for menus, integrated AV solutions are poised for even more growth on school grounds.

How Video Projectors Can Upgrade Your Company’s Presence

How often have you been out at a corporate event and experienced the host’s shining logo in bright bold colors, beamed up in a video projection against a multi-media screen? It’s happening far more frequently for event attendees lately, as digital technologies are allowing a greater use of video projectors. It also helps that the cost of large-scale video projectors continues to fall.


Why are large-scale video projectors so valuable to companies and corporate brands around the country? Part of the allure is the impact that large dramatic images shining upon a wall can provide for a company’s brand or product launch. Large-scale video projectors also add presence and impact to events, often involving social media and human interaction along the way.

These massive audio-visual solutions use a combination of bright light projectors, large multi-media screens and integrated digital content to bring amazing colors and light to audiences. Panasonic, a worldwide leader in video projection systems, offers a variety of models designed for different venues and conditions.

Some of Panasonic’s higher end projectors beam up to an incredible 20,000 lumens of brightness. The company developed the world’s lightest 3-chip DLP-based projectors, which are ideal for large meeting rooms, theaters, museums and convention halls.

Its groundbreaking large-scale video projection system, the PT-DS20KU with SXGA+ (1,400 x 1,050) resolution, offers 20,000 lumens of brightness and long lamp replacement cycles of up to 2,000 hours. With 3D compatibility and superior installation flexibility, this makes the projector ideal for large-venue applications such as auditoriums, museums and rental and staging that requires both maximum brightness and easy handling.


Respected industry researcher PMA Research wrote favorably about the Panasonic DS20KU after the 2012 NAB show:

“The PT-DZ21KU and PT-DS20KU are 3D ready and can utilize an active shutter system which can be equipped with an external emitter via the timing signal IN/OUT terminal. For passive, polarized 3D projection these units support frame-sequential, side by side and top and bottom formats. These projectors are also equipped with DICOM simulation mode for use in medical and teaching environments where the ability to view X-ray images is needed. Both the PT-DZ21KU and PT-DS20KU are able to project onto various curved screens via the Geometric Adjustment Feature.”

Using video projectors can help to augment a full range of integrated AV solutions for a company, product or event. So, if your business is ready to invest in a spectacular large-scale video projectors coupled with interactive software and integrated controls, then you need an experienced integrator to put it all together for you.

Professional systems integrators like CCS Presentation Systems can offer key benefits in understanding the light, the projection field, the screens, systems, consultation, training and implementation. This experience will add another layer of excellence to using Panasonic’s projectors in a high-quality project installation of any size in all types of environments.

Preparing for the Analog Sunset

Preparing for the Analog Sunset
Switching to Digital from Analog

The switch from typewriters to computers, telephones to cell phones, and film projectors to digital projectors were welcomed technological changes. In today’s world where many of us have smartphones, computers, iPads, etc., and the ability to connect any and all of these devices together in seconds—technological change can be challenging. As new platforms and devices roll out, our options expand exponentially, but there are limitations.

Chris Gamst explains further in his article for Click on the link above to see the full article!

Retail and Corporate to Benefit from New NEC Commercial LCD HD Displays

Two new product launches in early 2013 marks NEC’s leadership in the commercial LCD HD panel displays market and will benefit many customers in the retail, corporate and education markets.

NEC announced new 55- and 65-Inch LCD HD display models (NEC’s V552 and V652) that offer high performance HD quality operation over longer periods of time. Ideal customers for these HD displays will be retail stores, restaurants, indoor venues, training facilities and corporate boardrooms.

NEC’s V552 and V652 use LED backlighting to reduce the product’s depth, weight and power consumption when compared to their predecessor. That’s an important point for retail centers and other large venues seeking to reduce energy footprints with their digital displays and overall energy use. Via the full HD panel, the V552 can display brilliant colors and imagery, while capturing the viewer’s attention. These attributes help to make the displays excellent even when the displays are on for extended operating periods.



Some of the key features in the V552 and V652 include 1920 x 1080 full HD native resolution which provides stunning image clarity; 10-watt speakers and an Open Pluggable Specification (OPS)-compliant expansion slot are built into both models. According to NEC, this helps to future-proof the display and allows for the seamless integration of a computer or other NEC/third-party accessories.

“We’re proud to introduce two products that not only reduce the physical footprint of the display but also decrease energy usage because of the LED backlighting,” said Rachel Karnani, Product Manager of Large-Screen Displays at NEC Display Solutions. “The shift to LED backlighting is significant for the digital signage industry and is evident in NEC’s large-screen product line. The V552 and V652 reinforce that commitment to improve our customers’ total cost of ownership and return on investment.”

CCS Presentation Systems is proud to be a reseller for NEC, a leader in innovative desktop LCD monitors, commercial- and professional-grade large-screen LCD displays, multimedia and digital cinema projectors, and integrated display solutions. We work with NEC Display Solutions in a wide variety of markets, including enterprise, healthcare, education and digital signage. Contact us for your audio-visual solutions needs in your business or organization.

Classroom Connectivity Solutions From C2G

The modern school classroom has many different types of visual aid devices but often times there are only a few different pathways for the devices cabling. This in turn results in bulk cables & terminate connectors at each end. This process of field termination is time & resource consuming.

C2G (formerly Cables To Go), a CCS Presentation Systems partner, explains how their RapidRun modular cabling system eliminates the need for field termination in the modern classroom.

Cables To Go’s Classroom Connectivity Solutions from CCS Presentation Systems

NEC offers new touch integrated display system

The continuing growth of the digital signage market just took another big step this past week when our partner NEC introduced a new touch-integrated display system.

NEC Display Solutions of America announced two new commercial touch integration systems for its 46-inch and 65-inch screens. This Touch-Integrated V Series works with large screens for excellent touch screen capabilities in education, corporate, retail and restaurant environments.


Touch screen integrated systems are on the rise. According to a recent FutureSource report, interactive flat panel displays are expected to grow in usage by as much as 22% in the global education market by 2015. Digital signage is also being integrated in corporations, retail businesses, hotels, resorts, sports facilities and many other venues. Recently, hotel ratings firm AAA recently updated its diamond rating system for North American hotels — and included digital signage as part of its rating evaluations, according to Digital Signage Today.

The NEC Touch-Integrated V Series integrates a 4-camera optical imaging technology that allows for six simultaneous touches on its double sided, anti-reflective glass coating. NEC sees these new touch systems fitting well within the core of the company portfolio, providing for a cost-effective solution for business, education and government customers.

NEC is a leading designer and provider of innovative desktop LCD monitors, commercial- and professional-grade large-screen LCD displays, a diverse line of multimedia and digital cinema projectors, and integrated display solutions. NEC Display Solutions develops leading-edge visual technology and customer-focused solutions for a wide variety of markets, including enterprise, healthcare, education and digital signage.

We’re proud to be a reseller of NEC digital products. Find out how we can complement your business, leisure or education environment with NEC digital display solutions. CCS Presentation Systems is based in Scottsdale, Ariz., with 26 branch offices across a range of U.S. states. CCS Presentation Systems is one of the largest U.S. system integration firms, and one of the leading providers of audio-video products and solutions in the nation.