Outfitting an Emergency Operations Center With Video Walls

When crises emerge, municipalities turn to their Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for quick help.
With the addition of a video wall, any EOC is better equipped to deal with both man-made and natural disasters.
Read on to see why a video wall is fitting in any Emergency Operations Center.

Video Wall Solutions for Your Emergency Operations Center

An Emergency Operations Center With Real-Time Situational Awareness

With a video wall, employees at your Emergency Operations Center can have all the information they need on an easy-to-view display Seeing crucial real-time information provides full situational awareness to the Emergency Operations Center. This can include video feeds from security cameras, satellite or cable news feeds, networked computers, recording devices, conferencing systems, etc.. Your video wall can show one large image or multiple images across the screen that can be moved or rearranged as needed.

Large Screen, High Resolution, Small Footprint

With high definition displays, you’ll have the highest quality video and text. Since today’s video wall displays are extremely bright, ambient light in the room is no longer an issue. Best of all, your video wall will make a big visual impact while maintaining a small footprint. Your Emergency Operations Center won’t be cluttered by individual monitoring systems requiring extensive cabling, networking, desks, and other infrastructure. You can take advantage of the height of your walls without losing precious floor space.

Options That Aren’t Available on Individual Screens

While individual screens can function as monitoring devices in an Emergency Operations Center, they can’t match the display capabilities of a fully-integrated video wall. Staff will be able to size and place images anywhere on the wall using a mouse and keyboard or even touchscreen functions. You can completely customize what is displayed and how it appears, whereas for individual displays, options are limited. Plus, adding a video wall to the Emergency Operations Center will allow all employees to view multiple types of content at once, rather than viewing content on separate displays.

Add a Video Wall to Your Emergency Operations Center

If you want to best equip your Emergency Operations Center, consider video wall integration by CCS New England. We can help prepare your Emergency Operations Center with a display system to help you better handle any emergency.

How Cloud-Based Video Conferencing is Revolutionizing Corporate Communications

As more people bring mobile devices to the boardroom,video conferencing technologies allow for greater collaboration in the boardroom.
In particular, cloud-based video conferencing is on its way to becoming the standard for business communications. It facilitates mobile conferences, telecommuting employees, long-distance training, and remote clientele without an extensive investment in infrastructure, hardware, and networking.
Why consider video conferencing in the cloud? Read on to see what benefits cloud-based video conferencing offers businesses.

Cloud-Based Video Conferencing: The Future of Business Communications?


Thanks to cloud-based video conferencing, people can participate using whatever means necessary – their desktop, mobile device, or conference room system will all work with the cloud-based technology. With the ease-of-use of cloud-based video conferencing programs, employees and clients will be able to operate them comfortably, enabling a smoother conversation focused on substance, not technical troubleshooting. Connecting to participants in remote locations will be quick and effortless.


Traditional video conferencing set-up involves a more costly infrastructure, including equipment for all user locations set up for the conferencing system and networking with significant bandwidth to accommodate the calls. Cloud-based video conferencing does away with most of these costs. Your cloud service provider will handle setting up and maintaining the necessary infrastructure, leaving you to focus on your conferences.

Streamlined Process

With cloud-based video conferencing in place, your communication processes will be streamlined, as the technology will standardize the way calls are connected and managed, whether they are multi-point calls or point-to-point calls.

What if your in-house video conferencing system differs from that of one of your participants? Cloud-based video conferencing services offer transcoding, a process that essentially translates differing protocols from video conferencing systems to establish a uniform format, enabling the systems to “speak” to each other.

Expand Your Communication Horizons With Cloud-Based Video Conferencing

Let CCS New England help you select and operate a cloud-based video conferencing solution to change the way your business communicates. We can provide full system integration to outfit your conference room with the right equipment, allowing you to easily operate cloud-based video conferencing sessions.