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Trevor Foote
Field Engineer

Trevor’s career in the world of technology and audio-visual (AV) solutions began in 2001 as a bench technician specializing in consumer electronic repair. During those early years, he honed his skills, tackling a wide range of devices, from remote controls to VCRs and stereos. While continuing part-time as a bench tech until 2006, Trevor transitioned into the dynamic field of commercial AV and pro-sound installation in 2002.

In his role as an installation technician, Trevor played a vital role in setting up and commissioning sound systems for various local venues, including churches, auditoriums, theaters, and stadiums. Over the years, his career in the AV industry has been marked by versatility, as he has taken on a multitude of roles such as low-voltage technician, lead technician, service technician, programmer, field manager, and project manager.

Trevor brought his extensive expertise and experience to the CCS team in October 2022, joining as a Field Engineer.’

Outside of his professional endeavors, Trevor finds joy in spending quality time with his friends and family. His interests extend to the great outdoors, where he enjoys camping, fishing, snowmobiling, and off-roading. In addition, you might spot him cruising in his ’68 Mustang, which he proudly showcases at car shows.