Why to Use Event Webcasting for Your Conference

If you’re overseeing a big conference, chances are you’re swamped with practical concerns like securing a venue, coordinating speakers and sessions, planning meals, monitoring payments from conference attendees, arranging necessary conference technology, and more. One aspect you may not have considered: organizing event webcasting for your conference.

In our ever-digital day and age, it’s key that you keep your conference up-to-date with the latest technologies, including event webcasting. If you’re wondering whether event webcasting is worth the investment, here are some benefits to consider:

Benefits of Event Webcasting for Conferences

Reach a Wider Audience

Why Use Event Webcasting for Your Conference | CCS MidwestSometimes shrinking budgets and inflexible schedules prevent people from attending conferences. By using event webcasting, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience, since participants won’t have to arrange travel and lodging. All they’ll need is a computer with access to the internet. And since content will be available in both real-time and on-demand, attendees will be able to view conference events on their own timetable rather than the conference schedule.

Reduce Costs & Increase Revenue

Event webcasting eliminates the costs of editing or post-production services that you might use to package conference content. In fact, event webcasting will likely make your conference more money, as you’ll be able to sell conference passes or access to individual presentations to people who otherwise would not attend in person.

Engage Your Audience

You might worry that event webcasting might lead to a less-engaged audience, but this isn’t true. The audience viewing via event webcasting will still be able to ask questions and receive your live feedback. Plus they’ll be able to interact with other digital and in-person attendees via social media.

Enhance Your Conference With Top-Notch Technology

Event webcasting provides excellent audio and video quality with an unlimited broadcasting range, whereas other forms of technology, like radio broadcasting, have more limited signal strengths.

Attract High-Quality Speakers

Industry leaders are often incredibly busy — and their schedules might prevent them from traveling to speak at your conference. Event webcasting will solve this issue, not only allowing conference attendees to participate from the comfort of their own home, but also enabling speakers to present remotely.


You might worry that event broadcasting will make presenting harder on your conference speakers. Don’t worry — your presenters won’t need any special software, nor will they need to upload elements from their presentation or change their regular speaking style. They can use as much or as little technology as they want to. Linking in to the event webcasting will be convenient and easy.

Use Event Webcasting to Improve Future Conferences

Event webcasting makes it easy for you to actually monitor what presentations were most popular. You can take feedback from in-person attendees as well as data from digital attendees, like how many views or comments the recorded presentations have. This information will help you determine what speakers to invite back in the future, or what topics to cover.

Plus you can use past conference presentations recorded by event webcasting to market your upcoming conferences. Attendees will be more likely to attend in person or online if they can view actual sessions and realize their value.

Add Event Webcasting to Your Conference Today

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