Video Surveillance Systems: Trends for 2014

surveillance systems omaha neThe video surveillance systems industry is growing and changing. No longer are home and business owners limited to one small video camera mounted in a corner. Today`s video surveillance systems are being designed with some incredible features. Here are the trends in video surveillance systems to watch for in 2014.

1. Panoramic Cameras

When monitoring a large area, such as an airport or a parking lot, business owners typically have to install multiple camera to cover the area. With panoramic video surveillance systems, business owners can watch the same area with fewer cameras.

2. Audio Capabilities

Video surveillance systems with audio capabilities expand owners` level of protection over their homes or businesses. With audio capabilities, owners can not only see what is happening, but they can hear conversations, cries for help, cars driving away and any other activity that happens on or just off camera.

3. Thermal Cameras

While thermal cameras have been around for a while, the high cost has been prohibitive for the average owner. This year, the price of thermal video surveillance systems is expected to drop, putting them into the hands of many more business owners and law enforcement officers.

4. Crowd Sourcing

While one video surveillance system can provide a good picture, law enforcement personnel can obtain a much clearer picture and more evidence by crowd sourcing, or gathering picture and video surveillance from multiple sources, including peoples` smart phones and social media accounts. This practice is expected to increase in 2014.

5. Live Streaming to Law Enforcement

With live streaming video surveillance systems, law enforcement officers can watch a crime unfolding and respond appropriately. The technology exists and is expected to be more widely used in 2014.

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