What is Video Conferencing?

video conferencing omaha neIn today`s business world, business professionals often need to meet together to get things done. When these professionals work in the same building or town, arranging meetings is relatively easy. When business professionals from different parts of the world need to meet, however, arranging a meeting can become more complicated.

Thanks to today`s modern technology, however, meeting with people from all over the world is easier than ever. Today, people do not have to physically travel to meetings; they can simply attend meetings live from wherever they are through video conferencing.

Holding A Meeting Using the Internet vs. In Person

Video conferencing is essentially holding a meeting online using a computer network instead of in person in a meeting room. Video conferencing is very similar to placing a conference phone call, but the extra element of video is added to video conferencing as well, so all meeting participants can see each other in live time.

What do you need to attend a video conference?

In order to attend a video conferencing meeting, each participant must have a video camera, microphone, speaker and Internet connection. Each participant is then able to see and be seen in real time as they all interact together in front of their various devices. The participants see the other participants displayed on their computer monitors, and they hear the other participants through their speakers. This allows the participants to interact with each other as though they were in a real, face-to-face meeting, even though they may be video conferencing from separate sides of the world.

In the past, the high costs of video conferencing made the technology too expensive to be practical. Today, however, video conferencing is widely used among business professionals as a convenient and easy way to meet wherever they are.

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