Video Conferencing Etiquette

As AV integrators, we are usually responsible for helping corporate clients in Omaha and across the Midwest with selecting the right equipment for their video conferencing needs, then providing all the systems integration and training.

But our role doesn’t end with the system being placed — we want to know that businesses are benefiting from video conferencing.

To that end, we’re sharing some video conferencing etiquette so that your business can use these collaborative technologies the right way.

Video Conferencing Etiquette

Be punctual and courteous.Video Conferencing

These tips for video conferencing etiquette should go without saying, but in case: be sure to budget enough time for your video conferencing session so that you’re not running late and leaving your colleagues or clients waiting. During the conference, be sure to be focused on the conversation at hand. Show your engagement by looking into the camera when you speak and also remaining focused on the other speakers when they take their turns.

Don’t use your devices unless you have to.

Speaking of staying focused — our mobile devices and laptops can be a huge distraction during any meeting, but with video conferencing there may be an extra temptation to check your devices since your audience isn’t there with you in person.

Resist this urge. Make sure your smart phones are on silent — not vibrate — and don’t use your phone, tablet, laptop, or any other technology unless the video conferencing session calls for it. Show your customer or colleague their importance by giving them your full attention.

Dress for the camera.

You might think you can get away with wearing sweats on bottom and a button-up on top, but when you’re video conferencing, it’s best to dress with the attitude that the camera could catch all parts of you. You want to look professional and also don’t want to be a visual distraction to anyone, so also avoid patterns (sorry, stripes and florals) and high contrast colors, like red or black. Light-colored shirts are your best option.

Be sure that nothing you wear, from your jewelry to your shoes, will prove visually or audibly distracting. Overlarge necklaces, for example, might draw the eye or make excessive noise; shoes could be squeaky or clunky, especially if you move your feet during the video conferencing.

Test and troubleshoot before the video conferencing session.

Nothing is more annoying than going to join a video conferencing session and getting an error message. And if your guests have trouble seeing or hearing you, things will get held up, too. We recommend testing your equipment and troubleshooting well before the big day.

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