Why Try Video Conferencing? It’s a Business No-Brainer.

Video conferencing is among the most widely used technologies in the workplace today. Rather than relying on phone calls or emails to communicate, video conferencing takes it a step further by organizing face-to-face interactions with business partners, job applicants, and employees.
Here are some of the top ways we’ve seen businesses from Omaha to Sioux City using video conferencing; perhaps your Midwest business can gain a little inspiration!

Video Conferencing for Business

Hiring Top Talent

There are numerous ways a business can use video conferencing. For example, you can use it to reach new candidates. Streamline the hiring process by hosting video conferencing interviews to screen applicants. Interview greater numbers of applicants in shorter periods of time and even connect with remote employees without requiring travel. Best of all, get a better indication of how a potential employee acts by scheduling a video interview opposed to a phone interview.

Train Employees or ClientsVideo Conferencing

Another way your business can use video conferencing is for training purposes. Give your employees the resources they need by forgoing one-day training sessions. Record videos and give your workers access to them whenever they need to brush up on their skills.

If you have to train clients, video conferencing is also another great option, allowing you to reach customers on all continents without costly travel.

Cross-Country Collaboration

Getting your team to work together is another use for video conferencing. If you utilize contractors in other states or countries, hold meetings where everyone is seen and accounted for. It’s easier to keep people on task when you hold them accountable for their role in a project. Video conferencing helps make everyone feel like they are part of the process.

Specialized Service

Last but not least, video conferencing makes it easier to engage customers. Gone are the day of old-fashioned call center tactics. Face-to-face interaction is possible through software such as Amazon Kindle’s Mayday. It makes customers feel important and not like “a number.”

Invest in Video Conferencing With CCS Midwest

Video conferencing is a tool that businesses use to stand out. From interviewing candidates to offering ongoing training, companies find the resource valuable. If you’re considering using video conferencing in your business, CCS Midwest can match you with the technology that meets your business’ needs. To learn more, call (402) 913-3700 today.