Five Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Video Conferencing System

Video conferencing systems are growing in popularity among businesses who want to expand their communication abilities to allow for more flexibility. Yet, getting the most out of your company`s video conferencing system isn`t as simple as plugging things in and holding a meeting.

If you want to use your video conferencing system to its full potential, here are five tips you need to know.

1. Have Your System Professionally Installed

Because video conferencing systems generally require several different pieces of equipment to work together in sync, installation can be tricky if you don`t know what you are doing. When improperly installed, video conferencing equipment can even be damaged. Save yourself time and hassle by paying for a professional installation.

2. Choose the Right Size MonitorOmaha | Video Conferencing Tips for Nebraska, Iowa, & South Dakota Businesses

When it comes to your video conferencing monitor, size matters. Choose a larger monitor if you plan to hold big meetings in larger rooms or a smaller monitor if you only intend to hold small meetings or if you don`t have the space for a larger one. When it comes to video conferencing monitors, bigger is generally better.

3. Display Your Monitor at the Right Height

You want video conferencing to be natural, not awkward, so be sure to display the monitor at a comfortable height. For example, if you plan on sitting during meetings, make sure your monitor is a few inches above table height.

4. Position Your Camera and Microphone Strategically

For the most natural meeting, your camera should be positioned near the screen. This will make it look like your employees are looking at the other employees, not off in the distance. The microphone should be closer to the middle of the room, however, so all employees can be heard.

5. Educate Your Employees on Using Your Video Conferencing System

Video conferencing equipment is expensive, and you`ll want to make sure it well taken care of. Do this by training all of your employees how to use the video conferencing system properly. This will save everyone time and hassle and help protect your system as well.

Video Conferencing Integration & Training For Your Midwest Business

CCS Midwest can help your business make the most of your video conferencing system. Not only can we supply you with the right infrastructure and equipment to conduct your video conferencing, but we also offer full installation and integration services as well as video conferencing training.

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