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Microsoft Teams / ZOOM Rooms


In today’s ever-changing world of communication methods, one thing is certain: video conferencing is vital. Having a system that is easy to use and manage is more important than ever. With TEAMS and ZOOM, you can now have the power of a “one-touch” meet and present experience. CCS Midwest is proud to partner with leading manufacturers that are TEAMS and ZOOM certified, allowing us to better serve you and your collaborative needs.

Sound Masking / Speech Privacy


Whether in a corporate environment or in a healthcare facility, knowing that your conversation is secure and private gives peace-of-mind. Sound masking solutions are engineered to allow your employees, customers or patients to feel at-ease. A well-designed sound masking solution will generate a specially engineered frequency, making speech unintelligible and improving privacy. Let CCS Midwest help you implement a speech privacy solution that will allow your employees and guests to know their conversations are safe.

Move beyond meetings, to true teaming
Teams come in all shapes and sizes. They can be local or spread across the globe. People are your biggest investment – and your most valuable asset. To transform from collaboration to true teamwork, you need to invest in tools that bring out their best in the conference room, in a team space, in any space.

 Purpose-built for teams
More than a smart board or an interactive whiteboard, Surface Hub 2 is optimized for teams that want to connect, co-create, and produce with others regardless of their location. Surface Hub 2 brings together the best of Microsoft collaboration tools – from Windows and Office to Microsoft Whiteboard and Microsoft Teams – all backed by the intelligent cloud.

Work seamlessly together
Move from the first idea to the finished product without missing a beat. Streamline your group workflow through enhanced collaboration features like multi-user sign-in to simultaneously access and save content to the cloud.

Perfect fit for any space
Huddle where you need to with the modern design and intuitive software experience of Surface Hub 2. It scales and adapts to your space with tiling and rotation abilities and modular accessories. We’ve teamed up with workplace expert Steelcase to make rolling stands and easy-to-hang wall mounts so it can go wherever your ideas take you.

Unlock the Power of the


We want your every meeting to be great. The right technology for a group to work, collaborate, and express themselves should encourage ideas and move business forward. Surface Hub is a powerful team collaboration device designed to advance the way people work together naturally.

Built for teamwork, Microsoft Surface Hub works beautifully in the modern workplace. The fully integrated design, choice of two screen sizes (84” and 55”), and flexible mounting configurations means that there’s a solution for your business needs.