Sennheiser, the German specialty electronics developer of microphones, headphones, and avionics headsets, has recently announced a new addition to its Professional Wireless Range: The upcoming Digital 6000 series of radio microphones for the RF-based live productions. This series uses the same long range mode and Digital Audio Codec as the Digital 9000, their top of the line wireless series. Creating a two channel receiver in two different versions, a body pack and a handheld transmitter, and a rack mount charging unit, the digital 6000 Series is set to come available in March 2017.

The newly developed digital two channel receiver works across a switching bandwidth of 244 MHz, which is covered over three transmitter versions. For larger systems, up to eight receiver units can be simply daisy chained without the need for an additional splitter. This multichannel system functions off a single pair of antenna. These receivers are fitted with a Link Quality Indicator which ensures issues are seen before any drop outs occur. In difficult RF environments, the signal can become temporarily disrupted, and, if this happens, the error concealment of the Digital 6000 sets in. It employs algorithms with intelligent learning which replace the corrupted signal, enabling a flawless transmission where other systems fail.

Along with this state of the art quality, the Digital 6000 is also equipped with a white OLED display which shows the RF signal, link quality, audio signal, battery status, frequency and encryption. Several options of home screens provide easy access to other information without the user having to flip through submenus. Error messages are displayed directly on the information screen.

The transmitter uses the same high-performance rechargeable accupacks as the Digital 9000 units. The handheld transmitter is fitted with Sennheiser’s standard capsule interface and can be combined with all the classic heads from the 2000 series and the special 9000 series heads.

The L 6000 charger can be fitted with up to four charging modules, each of which recharges either two body packs or two handheld batteries. Three colored LEDs on the front panel gives a quick overview of the charging process. More detailed information can be accessed via the Wireless Systems Manager.

The Digital 6000 Series is compatible with Digital 9000 in long-range mode, and they can also be used with the EK 6042 camera receiver.

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