It is strange to think only 50 years ago the mere thought of computers, cell phones, and flat screen televisions being household commodities was considered something out of Science Fiction. Now, names like Sony, Google, and Amazon are among the most common in the technological world, breaching the frontier of electronic components. Their achievements have been fawned over time and again. However, success by these companies would not be possible if it were not for the companies which allow you to see their products clearly.

Planar Displays

Over the last 30 years, a company founded and built right here in the United States has been working in the foreground, creating display screens for everything from touch screen computers to large, electronic billboard displays you see in large cities like New York and Las Vegas to the cell phone in your pocket. Without Planar and their many tried and proven products, technology as a whole would not have the presence it has in our lives today.

What is Planar Displays?

Planar was founded in 1983 as a spin off from a company called Tektronix (the company responsible for the oscilloscope) with one purpose: to give people the ability to see. Founded in Oregon, the company’s focus on projection technology began in 1986. Purchasing competitor’s plants beginning as early as 1997, Planar quickly made a name for themselves as a fast growing and motivated company driven to the future with their eyes on the prize… and the screen.

From touch screens on home computers to large format LCD displays to be used in your business, the main focus of Planar is to give you the best quality for whatever you may be viewing. Advertisements on Time Square, data in your quarterly evaluation spreadsheets, movies at home and in the theater, even your applications on your phone displaying the score from yesterday’s game or the most updated Tweets are all made clearer thanks to the years of experience harnessing the power of display. No one does it better.

What does Planar do?

Planar was the first manufacturer in the United States who produced electro-luminescent (EL) digital displays. This form of flat panel technology is used in the instrumentation of military, transportation and industrial applications. With the most experience and expertise in the field, Planar Solutions beats all others, making them the leading company when it comes to EL digital displays and their production.

While they are at the forefront of their field, they have a thorough understanding of the ways of newly developed components after over three decades of production. Planar knows new technology can have bugs which need worked through properly. By allowing time for their products to become as close to perfect as possible before release, Planar has been given a very high standing reputation of quality and reliability. This prominence within their field makes them, hands down, the go to for display needs.

Which Solutions does Planar Offer?

Video Walls: Planar’s LED, LCD, and LED-illuminated rear projection video wall solutions are designed to deliver the best in digital signage and architectural applications.

4K LCD Displays: With 400% the resolution as standard HD, Planar displays deliver realistic picture quality for a life-like display experience. This sharp, clean detail can be seen even from viewing distances.

Touch Displays/Desktop Touch Screen Monitors: Planar touch screen monitors are durable and dependable and have what it takes to perform POS, POP, Healthcare, Corporate, and Desktop applications.

Transparent Displays: Revolutionary. This display allows users to view what is shown on a glass video screen while being able to see through it. Welcome to the future!

Where to look for Planar Displays

Everywhere. Every City. Every Country. Planar is literally everywhere. Their displays can be seen all over the world. Have you ever stepped foot in an airport? Gone into a hospital? Used an ATM machine? Looked at a screen on the gas pump? Used a GPS system in a car with a display screen? Searched for a new television, cellphone, or tablet at your local electronics store? From China to Chicago, Australia to Alaska, Planar has a strong global presence in the display market. Chances are you have seen a product of Planar and you did not even know it.

When the idea came to them to create this company, Jim Hurd, Chris King, John Laney and their team in Beaverton, Oregon had no idea the impact they would have on the way the world views… well… the world. We see our family through apps like Facetime and Skype. We see our dream vacations on television shows and on travel websites. We see advertisements flashing high in the sky for the newest flavors at Baskin Robins. We can touch and navigate screens with the swipe of a finger instead of the click of a mouse. We see things clearly, with bright pictures and colors with honest hues, thanks to Planar and their constant push toward fulfilling their mission to allow people to do one simple thing: To See.

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