One of the main issues of every educator is to try to determine how to make their presentations interesting enough for everyone to pay attention and really learn something. With new technology, it’s important for the educators to learn more about what’s available and what they can use to do more during their presentations. Something they’ll want to consider is using Google Cast for Education with their SMART boards.

A Special Whiteboard is Necessary

For quite a while, projectors have been used in conjunction with standard whiteboards to put images on the screen. At first, only still images could be used but, as technology progressed, videos could be done as well. However, this involved quite a bit of setup and could be difficult to do properly. Plus, only one video could be used on the projector at a time. Eventually, computers could be used in conjunction with the projectors, but this was still difficult to set up and had a variety of problems. Now, however, there are SMART Boards that can be used instead of the typical projector.

Casting to the Whiteboard

Once the SMART Board is installed in the classroom, a Google Cast device can be added to allow casting directly to the whiteboard. This enables the educator to easily send any video or photo from their smart device to the whiteboard for everyone to easily see. They can use a smartphone, tablet, or a computer to send anything to the whiteboard and the image will be clear as it’s actually being played on the whiteboard, not through a projector. It’s incredibly easy to do this once everything is set up and the educator can switch between images and videos to supplement what they’re teaching.

Using This in an Educational Setting

As the SMART Boards allow casting to be easily done, Google for Education is easier to do. It’s possible for the educator to look up a video quickly if their students have questions and send it directly to the whiteboard so they can all watch it easily. If they need a diagram for everyone to see, this can be sent to the whiteboard as well. Anything they need can be found online and cast directly to the whiteboard to make it possible to catch the attention of everyone in the class and to help them understand the topic.

Explore What Casting Can Do

Educators can take advantage of Google for Education Training and learn more about how the SMART Boards work to ensure they can easily use them in their classroom. From there, it’s up to their imagination to determine how they’ll implement it as a part of their lessons. Taking the time to learn how to use this can ensure they’ll always be able to show pictures, videos, and more to their students to enable them to make sure everyone is paying attention and learning.

Google Cast for Education is an excellent way for educators to do more with their presentation and ensures everyone will be paying close attention to the presentation. Take the time to look into these whiteboards today to learn more about how they can be used alongside casting to help you do more and help you get more information to your students.

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