Today’s marketplace is more competitive than ever. To keep the edge, there is incredible pressure on businesses to cut costs, build more personal relationships with clients, and get more from employees. InFocus recognizes this and works everyday to bring innovative solutions to businesses. One of those solutions is the MVP100 (My Video Phone), a video calling device.

The InFocus MVP100 video phone is easy to use and works just like a standard telephone. With a simple push of a button, the MVP dials and starts the video call automatically. And, while businesses are looking to cut expenses, in areas like travel, the MVP100 provides an alternative opportunity to communicate and collaborate face to face. Further, it quickly pays for itself on the savings from travel and increased productivity, so it’s affordable for mass deployment.

The MVP100 is a dedicated video calling device so it delivers reliable, smooth performance. Unlike video apps, a dedicated video phone ensures consistent quality and eliminates PC issues like slow loading, software conflicts, limited resources, and interruptions from pop-ups. And, while using the phone, you still have access to your computer. This allows you to be free from unnecessary distractions and work efficiently. The phone can sit on a desk top, in a remote home office, and is even small enough to travel with you when business takes you on the road.

The MVP100 has an easily adjustable 10″ color display and 720p HD camera making it very comfortable for visual communication. The built-in wide-band speaker and high dynamic range microphone ensure clear conversations. And the display is built with auto brightness and white balance controls. So, you get consistent high quality video and audio.

If you would like more information about the InFocus MVP100 or similar professional AV products, contact CCS Presentation Systems at 339-227-6181. We are audio visual experts that specialize in bringing solutions to businesses to help them stay competitive and achieve their professional goals. You can also follow us on our websiteFacebookGoogle+, and Twitter pages.

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