Six Important Benefits of Video Surveillance in an Office Setting

If you think video surveillance is only useful to gas stations, jewelry stores or bank parking lots, your business may be missing out on many other incredibly useful benefits video surveillance cameras have to offer. If you own or manage an office building, take note. Here are six ways video surveillance can benefit your office.

Why Use Video Surveillance in Your Office

1. Protection for Physical Assets

Conspicuously posted video surveillance cameras are a great way to deter thieves, criminals and vandals from robbing or destroying your store, your property, your merchandise or your equipment.

2. Protection for Employees

Video surveillance cameras can help keep your employees safe too. Install them in parking garages or other dimly lit areas, or use them throughout your building in case someone breaks in. Your employees will appreciate the increased security.

3. Legal Protection

Say a customer is injured in your building and tries to sue you. It is your words against theirs unless you have video surveillance that caught the entire incident on tape. Video surveillance can save your business thousands by preventing and deterring frivolous lawsuits.

4. Insurance Discounts

Are you looking for a way to save on your overhead? You may be able to get a break on your company insurance by having video surveillance cameras installed. This discount can help offset the costs of buying a new video surveillance system.

5. Increased Employee Accountability

While you don’t want to excessively monitor your employees, installing a few security cameras around the office is a great way to increase office productivity. Employees who know they are on camera are much more likely to work hard instead of goofing off or even stealing from your company.

6. Remote Monitoring

For business owners who travel frequently, video surveillance with a remote feed allow them to keep a watchful eye over their business even while they are traveling. This helps the office to continue to run smoothly, and it offers business owners a greater peace of mind.

Equip Your Office Building With Video Surveillance

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