Don’t Forget These Key Factors When Picking a Video Surveillance System

Selecting the right security system for your business should never be taken lightly. When you invest in a video surveillance system, you want to know that it satisfies your needs and has state-of-the-art features and capabilities.

We`re providing a run-down of the elements you should consider when choosing the right video surveillance system.

Key Elements of an Effective Video Surveillance System

Image Quality

If you need your video surveillance system to capture detailed images or an area with very harsh lighting, you will want a higher resolution camera. If detail and bright lighting is not a concern, a lower resolution video surveillance system should do just fine.

Indoor/Outdoor Options

Where you plan on placing the cameras has a direct impact on what video surveillance system you can select. When you want to watch areas that are exposed to the elements, like parking lots, you`ll need a system that includes cameras that are safe for outdoor environments. They will usually have dust- and moisture-proof materials to prevent damage to the video surveillance system.

Field of View

Do the cameras in your video surveillance system need to be fixed on one spot, like a back entrance, or do they need to be able to scan larger areas? To capture more, you`ll need to include a wide angle lens in your video surveillance system. An adjustable lens can also provide more flexibility.

You might also consider cameras with pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities so that you can alter the field of view as needed.

Frame Rate

The recording frequency or frame rate of your cameras is also an important consideration when settling on your video surveillance systems. If there will be quickly moving objects in the area you`re monitoring, you`ll want a camera with a higher frame rate. A lesser-used area should be fine with a lower frame rate.

Lighting Conditions

If your video surveillance system is monitoring an area that has low lighting, then pick a video surveillance system that comes equipped with infrared LEDs. These will allow the cameras to provide adequate surveillance in any lighting conditions, from dusk to dawn.

High-Quality Video Surveillance Systems from CCS Midwest

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