Advanced technology has gone way beyond video conferencing. Just being able to see people from remote locations enhanced meetings and presentations when video conferencing was introduced. It elevated the ordinary conference call into something more productive. Since the majority of communication is conveyed through visual cues, such as body language and facial expressions, contributions to meeting were clearer than they had ever been. Innovators did not stop there. Today there are visual communication systems that allow people to collaborate, interact, and engage with each other from several different locations.

Live Webcasting

This system has three components that work together to allow entities across industries to reach thousands of viewers. Discover Video provides systems and services for capturing video, managing and creating distribution, and streaming it on the internet. Streamsie, for example, captures the video. It can be meetings, live events, announcements, product launches, demonstrations, or anything else designed to engage website visitors.

The DEVOS system is the managing portal component. Schools, businesses, hospitals, and government agencies can create a distribution list to ensure everyone intended has access to the video. It can be viewed on any device with an internet connection. Tablets, desk tops, smart phones, iPads, and interactive SMART boards can serve as viewing conduits.

ARCUS is the internet streaming service that delivers the video. It can go to one person, a few authorized professionals, or worldwide, depending on the preference of the webcast creators. The combination of components makes webcasting fun, flexible, affordable, and easy to create.

Live Video Streaming

This service from Discover Video utilizes a StreamPump system that works with the DEVOS services. Video can be streamed to different office branches, remote classrooms, business partners and collaborators, hospital wings or common areas, and to a mobile workforce. Video On Demand can also be streamed via StreamPump, which increases options and uses at no extra costs.

The system is available in three different versions to accommodate the number of remote viewers. A small system, for example, will accommodate up to twenty-five remote view sites. That is an ideal way for small businesses and poorer school districts to utilize the technology without spending a lot of money. The largest number of remote view sites offered is up to one-thousand.

Other Uses

Discover Video is an award-winning and fast growing company that strives to find innovative solutions to suit any need. Other uses for their systems include the option to publish videos and live events on social media through embedded coding. That expands the reach of the information, creates even more exposure for a business or product, and engages several targeted audiences. Digital signage and interactive directories are also available for lobbies, common areas, office buildings, and shopping malls.

Many of the products available through this company can also be found through distributors in other parts of the country. CCS Presentation Systems, for example, operates in New England. DEVOS, SMART boards, and video streaming services are available across industries to help increase interaction among people. Contributors can present slides, write on an interactive board from different locations, and collaborate on problem solving, brainstorming, and creating projects.

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