One of the most common questions that surround business signage of any kind is whether to opt for digital signage or neon signs. There are contextual differences between the situations in which digital signs or neon signs are better, but the following reasons are also the most important things to keep in mind to ensure that you always make the best decision.

Flat price and maintenance

In general, the flat price of neon sign tends to be slightly lower than that of a digital sign. Though many people can be attracted by the slightly lower price point of a neon sign all by itself, what also needs to be taken into consideration is the amount of money that needs to be invested in the upkeep of the neon sign. Maintenance, operational costs and possible repairs can easily make the overall price of a neon sign much higher than the flat price for purchasing it. Though slightly more has to be invested to acquire digital signage solution, once it is operational, there is barely any kind of regular maintenance that needs to be conducted on a regular basis. In addition to low maintenance, a digital sign consumes far less power in the long run as well. Compared to a neon display, a digital display require as little as a tenth of the power that a neon display requires to show the same thing.

Spatial constraints

When it comes to choosing the right signage solution, the size that is occupied should be taken into account just as much as the operational costs. In general, a digital sign will be a lot less bulky or than a neon sign. In order to accommodate the mechanisms that make neon lighting possible, a neon sign will usually have to be thicker, taller and wider than a simple LED panel. In addition to being slightly smaller than the neon counterpart, a digital sign with an LED panel is usually much easier to fit onto walls and windows without as much hassle.


Naturally, it is very important to make sure that whatever form of signage that you choose is actually clear enough to be read by the people that you want to see it. When it comes to the ease of reading whatever is displayed on a signage solution, what tends to be the case is that a digital variation is much more reliable than the neon variation. Digital displays are much brighter than neon displays, and in addition to that, they can be freely adjusted to flexibly show whatever you need them to show at any given point in time.


Having an effective signage solution can help the business save several thousands of dollars on getting exposure in their target market. While the potential to save money for great benefits is very high, a small business owner without infinite funds to start with has to be very pragmatic about the choice that they make between different forms of signage.

Digital signs take up less space, are more cost-efficient, more adaptable and brighter than neon signs. The overall margin of error is much lower when it comes to a digital sign, making it far more dependable and less potentially costly in the long run than the neon alternative.

NEC display solutions are some of the more effective digital signage options that are applicable to just about any category of business that there is. With NEC display solutions, small business owners are in a much better position to get the exposure that they need without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality.

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