SMART® Boards have revolutionized the way students are learning in the classroom. Long gone are the days when students need to take notes from chalkboards or whiteboard presentations. Now they can interact with your presentation using SMART® Board technology. For over twenty years now, SMART® Boards have been making classrooms, boardrooms, and other collaborative spaces more effective places for the exchange of ideas.

Why You Should Partner With Us

CCS is more than an integrator of this remarkable technology. We handle every step of the process. From product selection and ordering to installation and training, our team of skilled professionals has the knowledge base and experience required to ensure you are paired with the perfect SMART® Board solution.

Something for Everyone

SMART® Boards are not just for the traditional classroom setting. They can be installed in corporate boardrooms, conference rooms, and even government facilities. What makes SMART® Boards so essential is that the technology enhances collaboration. Unsure which SMART® Board is right for your business or organization? Allow our SMART® Board experts to pair you with a solution that satisfies your wants and needs, guaranteeing more effective communication each and every time.

Experience the Difference Firsthand

It’s no exaggeration when we say that SMART® Board technology has transformed the way we present and share information. Experience it for yourself! CCS can provide a hands-on demonstration in our state-of-the-art training facility.

The possibility to fully immerse yourself in your presentations is just a call away. There is no reason to delay the transition. Call (402) 331-2320  for product-related details or to place an order today.