Infocus Mondopad – Present, Annotate, Collaborate, Communicate

When your business or organization needs an interactive tool for collaborating effectively, look no further than an Infocus Mondopad installed by the professionals at CCS Midwest. Form meets function in this sleek, but high-performance, solution that offers everything you need to share, modify, and finalize ideas. Throughout every phase of collaboration, the Mondopad is available to facilitate better communication. When you partner with CCS Midwest for successful integration with this interactive device, customer satisfaction is always guaranteed.

How It Helps

The Mondopad from Infocus is a large touchscreen tablet designed for conference room collaboration. Available in everything from 50 to 80-inch monitors, this business tool helps enhance your presentation or brainstorming sessions. Long gone are the days of one-way communication. This amazing tablet has the power to enable real time annotations on a big screen so that your collaborators can see the changes you are making live. You can even share, view, and control from a computer, tablet, or smart phone.


Special Features

The Complete Package
Every Mondopad comes equipped with a complete Microsoft Office Suite so you can access all the presentation tools needed for your meeting. You can also enjoy a built-in Windows PC and a business-caliber video conferencing system. The result? Complete business solutions that will enhance the way you present, collaborate, and share information.


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