Transform the Way You Collaborate Today With Smart Technologies

Today’s readily available smart technologies make it easier than ever for professionals to collaborate, present, and produce the results they need to deliver. If you are not utilizing smart technologies in your classroom, office space, or conference rooms, you’re missing out on major opportunities to enhance your day-to-day communication. From SMART® Boards and tables to Epson interactive projectors and Infocus Mondopads, CCS Midwest has the solutions that will work best for your application.

Smart Technologies From CCS Midwest

SMART® Boards
One of the most well-known smart technologies. Transform your classroom into an epicenter for learning or your boardroom into a place where meetings are exciting with the inclusion of a state-of-the-art SMART® Board. Available in a range of sizes and styles, our smart technologies provide a truly interactive experience.
SMART Tables
Smart technologies aren’t limited to screens and projectors. Bring together and captivate your audience with an interactive SMART table. Have up to eight students at a time actively collaborating to achieve their shared learning goals. These durable tables have access to over 1,500 educational activity packs and provide educational value through visual learning and social interaction.
Epson Projectors
When you need to project presentations, graphs, and charts onto a big screen, look no further than an Epson interactive projector installed by CCS Midwest. CCS can work with you to ensure that the projector is functioning properly and delivering the results you require from your smart technologies.
Infocus Mondopad
The Infocus Mondopad, one of our state of the art smart technologies for business professionals, is available in up to 80-inch monitors. This LCD screen functions as a large interactive touchscreen display allowing you to deliver an interactive presentation. Connect with colleagues with the built in video conferencing capability and share, view, and control with your notebook, tablet, or smart phone.

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When you need to collaborate more effectively, our smart technologies are the solution. You can count on the experts at CCS Midwest to handle your needs with the attention you demand.

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