CCS Southwest Wins Charity Dodgeball Tournament in Scottsdale for Global Rescue Project!

Team Name: Dodge, Dodge, Baby

22 teams competed in the tournament!

Global Rescue Project (GRP) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Arizona. GRP was established to help end human slavery in Ghana, West Africa and other parts of the world and to educate our youth in the United States about poverty, slavery and the importance of education. It is vital to get our children involved in projects to help others around the world and in their own backyard. Our local and international projects go hand in hand.  It is the mission of GRP to eliminate and prevent the spread of modern-day slavery by bringing hope to victims throughout the globe, including more than 7,000 children who are suffering with daily, life threatening duties within Ghana’s fishing industry. Finding solutions on domestic and global fronts and protecting the victims of human horror and trafficking is critical to those involved with GRP. By creating awareness, GRP will create new opportunities to nurture change – bringing light to those living in darkness.

GRP is interested in people, no matter where they were born or what color they are. Our goal is to bring hope to all people across the world that may have lost it along the way. Through education we can beat poverty, through love we can be united. GRP believes that every single person is counted and measured with the same amount of love as the next. We want every community to be self sufficient, to rely on themselves to raise their families and give back to their own communities. GRP will develop and implement programs to walk along side of these communities to help build them up and slowly dig their way out of poverty.

More information on this wonderful organization can be found here –

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