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Audio/Video Over IP in Stunning Resolution over any Network

The business world has sure changed over the past few years. Computer technology makes it possible for businesses to market and sell their products more effectively than ever. Menu boards and other media inside the individual locations can be changed at any time without interrupting service or making a big fuss. Video playing in the lobby can be displayed from one central location, perhaps at the corporate headquarters. All of this can now be done in 4K resolution and shared over the entire network. There are several different kinds of deployments for this kind of solution, and service providers such as CCS Presentation Systems are happy to help.

Video Recording and Sharing Appliances

A video appliance is a valuable part of an AV network. It’s a dedicated device for holding and uploading video and audio data over a large network. For larger resolutions and bitrates, the video can automatically be compressed to save on bandwidth and prevent lag or delay. Uncompressed data will require a more powerful appliance for 4K resolution and sixty frames per second video playback. Investing in a good appliance is the backbone of a powerful Audio/Video Over IP network.

Wireless Audio Visual Data Across the Network

In most cases, a wired network will serve well to stream data across any part of the network. Most AV data is reasonable to manage on a reasonably powerful network. If the network load is too high, the data can be slightly compressed to make more room or better leverage the network bandwidth. Unfortunately, no network is perfect. A wireless solution may be needed somewhere down the line. Proper compression makes it possible to continue streaming over any medium in the network. Smarter video appliances from manufacturers such as Kramer Electronics can help achieve AV over IP performance on a large scale over wired or wireless networks.

Physical Limitations for AV Networks

Scaling video to hundreds of displays over a network is a big job. Completing such a large scale project would take quite a bit of hardware and a very powerful network. For the most part, raw video data will be sent over the network to the destination where it can be decompressed and sent to the displays. In order to get all this done the destination business will need a powerful appliance to decompress video in real-time. With direct connections, networked AV can transmit huge amounts of data without hesitation. Business owners can display anything they want. The trouble is, not all networks are ready to handle large-scale AV playback to multiple displays in a store.

It may take a bit of creative thinking, but there is a solution for less powerful networks. Networked AV is a very flexible process that can be adapted to meet the needs of any business with several ways to cut costs. For more information, business owners can contact their local service provider and schedule a consultation. Professional service providers can find the ideal solution for video playback, interactive menu boards, and any other AV network solution, so contact us at CCS Presentation Systems today.

Does your Perfect Home Theater Include a Digital Cinema Projector

What is the perfect home theater like? People across America are investing more time and money into creating the perfect home theater in their residences. There are whole renovating companies dedicated to building home theaters for their customers. Electronics companies offer “home theater” packages at many price levels. The description of the perfect home theater is different from person to person. For the home theater enthusiast with the budget for it, the Digital Cinema Projector is an important feature of the perfect home theater.

Digital Cinema Projectors

Though to many people a wide screen TV represents a home theater, those wanting the perfect home movie viewing experience are purchasing a Digital Cinema Projector with coordinating viewing screens and speakers. When a person spends the time and money to create a home theater in a dedicated room, they want the best equipment they can afford. Some of the best projectors are manufactured and distributed by CCS Presentation Systems. The NEC projectors they distribute are of high quality and easy to use. These digital projectors are capable of full 2k 3D resolution. The projector must be sized correctly for the smaller home theater as opposed to larger commercial theaters. The NEC line of projectors includes both commercial and home use projectors.

One projector that has been very popular is the NC1000C projector. This model is smaller in size but big in performance. This projector is compatible with available screens and speakers to form a whole movie projection system to make a perfect home theater. This Digital Cinema Projector is specifically designed for home theaters with smaller screens of up to 34 ft / 10.3m in size. This DLP cinema projector gives the owner an enhanced theater experience with great images and sound when paired with the correct screen and speakers. It boasts compact S2K chips from Texas Instruments. It can be installed in a small booth or even transported to use in mobile applications. This projector also offers 3D capabilities and 3-chip DMD reflection methods. The customer gets features such as a dual lamp system to avoid black screen areas, buttons for selection of eight projector configurations, and auto lamp brightness controls.

This projector model has lens adjustment functions including motorized focus, zoom, vertical and horizontal shift, lens memory, light shutter, and more. It has an all in one integrated Media Server or IMS with lots of storage and versatile connectivity. This projector’s design reduces the number of added devices that are needed. There are many technologies and features that make this projector one of the best for home theater use.

There are many other models of projectors available from NEC and other companies. Nec also offers the Digital Cinema Laser Projector, the Digital Cinema Laser/Phospher Projector, bundles with both projectors, and many related accessories. The homeowner interested in creating their perfect home theater or movie projection room would be wise to research several brands and models of digital projectors, screens, and speakers, before they purchase. The websites and brick and mortar electronics stores often have experts to help homeowners choose the correct products for their idea of the perfect home theater.

The Home Theater Room

Once the homeowner has chosen the equipment they want, they must create the setting to install and enjoy the equipment in. The lucky homeowners who can dedicate a separate room to the home theater experience can create a mini-theater that looks like a smaller version of a high-quality commercial movie theater. The room can be rewired for the electrical needs of the projection equipment and speakers. The room can be soundproofed so no distractions mar the movie viewing experience. The walls can be painted dark colors and velvet drapes can cover the windows. Movie posters can decorate the walls and a popcorn machine can provide treats for realistic movie viewing. For more information, contact us at CCS Mid Atlantic today.

Things from CES 2017 that made us go “WOAH”

One thing that’s certain to get folks excited is the greatest and latest gadgets. Everybody is interested in seeing where the latest improvements in electronic equipment design and computer technology are going. The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES 2017, is devoted to showcasing the newest in home electronics, computer technology, and digital display technology. For all those interested in seeing the best and most recent technology, next year’s tickets are accessible from many suppliers and distributors. For people who can’t make it, there are alternatives. There are hundreds of reviews from various sources mentioning the most brilliant and the finest of CES 2017.

These firms bring in merchandise and their latest progress in order to reveal them to consumers and business leaders. What normally steals the show at CES are digital displays and the most recent television sets. 4K Screens are actually making a splash. 4K resolution screens have just been out a couple of years, which means there’s tons of room to add features and improve functionality. New models are being offered by many companies with all of the bells and whistles.

The WOAHs of CES 2017

The Smart Toaster is among the more intriguing electronic items brought to CES 2017. Breakfast is the main meal of the day, although many might scoff at this idea. Taking advantage of an early morning meal may be worth the expense of this innovative gadget. Users can command their toasting setting together with the usage of an application installed on their smart phones. It may look ridiculous, but some folks are simply overly picky to settle for average toast.

Fitness Tracking Ring users and may forego their FitBits. Like the FitBit, a program to put away and analyze data gathered from the ring is how this small fitness tracker records your physical activity. Better thannother trackers, this small ring boasts a battery life of as many as five days on just one charge. Nothing makes remaining fit simpler compared to this practical apparatus that’s simple to use.

Wallpaper TV sets may be replacing a number of the bigger units. These sets help it seem as though observers were seeing through a window or an inset display, hanging on the wall with magnets. This sleek design makes it simpler to construct a home theater in modest spaces without compromising clarity or the screen display size. Bigger sizes are reported to be accessible in the near future.

The PicoBrew System is accessible and can craft more than thirty varieties of beer. This system is self-sanitizing and cleaning, excellent for individuals who don’t understand a lot about keeping a house brewing system. Home brewers are looking forward to a competitive price point for this and similar devices.

Bravia TV Sets were among the numerous models and brands of televisions showcased at CES 2017. Sony has undoubtedly stood out, although with so many TV’s being shown, it’s difficult to splash waves. These stunningly clear screens are one of the most appealing OLED TV sets declared for the year of 2017. Every inch of the display is full of amazing 4K video. In addition, it doesn’t have a stand, it sits right on the surface with two legs that are fairly small. The most astounding part of the TV is the sound. There aren’t any speakers! The sound comes from the top layer of the display and is called Acoustic Surface. This is supposed to be one of the most striking new attributes contained in a TV in quite a while.

Snoo Bassinets are a viral product. They can be so much more, although these may look like any other bassinet. This smart device gently rocks infants to sleep while additionally creating a gentle humming sound that soothes them. The kit contained in the bundle clips to the interior of the bedding space, which makes it impossible for the infant to roll over. One of the countless products this is among the most significant for for parents and/or caretakers of children.

Vuzix Glasses is the new (and allegedly improved) form of Google Glass. While the right lens is utilized as a camera, the left lens is utilized as a screen. The interface is easy and fairly straightforward to use. This device was declared at CES 2017 as being available later this year.

Manufacturing companies have made some quite big statements. For the most recent news on screens and televisions, consumers can go to the official website of their preferred brands or they are able to go to the website of their preferred official CES correspondent.

InFocus’ 65-Inch Mondopad Receives Accolades from

We’re excited to share’s glowing review of the InFocus 65-inch Mondopad, naming it one of the most interesting and effective collaboration tools on the market.

Editor John Brandon concludes that Mondopad is a smart solution to engage an audience, and states: “As a videoconferencing and digital whiteboard display, the product is intended to help teams communicate with each other–whether the team is in the same room or spread out across the country… There are no “gotchas” with the Mondopad–what you get is a powerful aid for meetings, whiteboarding in person with a team, and making video calls with a remote office. It’s important to know this is a high-end business product.”

We couldn’t have said it better.

Read the full article here.

Consumer vs Commercial Flat Panel Displays: Definite Differences For Business Customers To Consider

These days, every form of television and video playback screen consists of Flat Panel Displays. The old cathode-ray tube and bulky receiver set is now as much a part of the distant past as vacuum-tube radios. However, while the ordinary big-screen TV is good enough for the home theater or apartment, Commercial Audiovisual systems have a different set of requirements.

Commercial-grade flat panel TV monitors are designed for full connectivity to the office A/V infrastructure. Because professional presentations such as graphs and interactive data charts are among the items displayed upon such monitors, screen resolution is much sharper than even with a standard HD set. It has to be by necessity given the needs of executives attending a business conference or seminar. And there are other critical differences to consider when making comparisons of Consumer vs Commercial Flat Panel Displays.

Because of the far heavier duty use commercial flatscreens are put to, they are engineered to withstand far longer operating hours than any home HDTV. Internal design architecture combined with additional fans built into the set allow for faster, more efficient heat dissipation. By contrast, consumer TVs are not built to withstand continuous operation and are supposed to have long off-times to allow the components to adequately cool down. A consumer TV is not designed to run 24 hours in one day, while a commercial display unit can withstand operation over an entire day’s worth of conference sessions lasting into the late night hours. They are also suitable for continual operation in public commercial areas such as restaurants. Also, commercial sets by necessity have extensive anti burn-in and image retention features to protect the durability of the screen which ordinary consumer TVs aren’t equipped with.

When it comes to quality of display, a commercial monitor is capable of the full grayscale range through the spectrum. Also, color tracking through over 250 levels of luminosity is available, as is a far wider range of resolutions than consumer TVs are capable of. This is because a commercial monitor is designed also to function with full PC connectivity and the resolution range required for various display modes. By contrast, a consumer HDTV can support PC connectivity but to a more limited degree. Also, the grayscale ranges tend to skew more towards the brighter end of the scale which is good enough for the color-saturated display of normal TV/video viewing.

Commercial video display monitors have a greater variety of connector interfaces than consumer TVs. Commercial models will usually not come equipped with external control/connector receptacles, nor offer multi-configuration PC/video loop-through connection capability, and will not be equipped with industrial BNC locking connectors. And the one feature which consumer TVs lack is a security lock-out to prevent unauthorized persons from altering the controls or the settings.

Why all this extra engineering? Consider the uses a TV or even group of TVs are put to even in an ordinary setting such as a bar or restaurant, or a truck stop. Sets are run constantly, in some settings 24/7. Often, they are switched between different channels, between TV and PC display whenever the menu is put up on screen. In the realm of Professional AV Design and Engineering, robust systems with multiple connectivity are required even in mundane environments.Whether the client is a major corporation or a doctor’s office, TV/video hookup is a complex undertaking to combine all monitors into an integrated network.

CCS Presentation Systems is a provider of full commercial A/V installation and engineering services. They are an authorized dealer and service outlet. And they undertake system design and integration, repair, and professional training services.

CCS Enhances Sound in Mount Holyoke College’s Chapels

CCS Presentation Systems, a New England based audio visual integrator, recently completed an A/V installation project at Mount Holyoke College, a liberal arts college for women in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

The college’s chapels, the Abbey Chapel and Inter-Faith Chapel, were slated to attain adequate sound quality for music and speech. In previous efforts to correct the problem, several sound systems were installed and modifications were made to the ceiling for the organs, helping acoustically, but not vocally.

Through a collaborative effort between Mount Holyoke’s Design & Engineering Team within the Media Services Department and CCS, a strategy was devised to create sound clarity for both speech and music.

An updated, easy to use speech reinforcement and audio playback recording system would be placed in the Abbey Chapel, with a smaller system in the Inter-Faith Chapel. New microphones, mixers/amplifiers and other system components would be integrated into the space. Speakers from Danley Sound Labs would be installed into the main Abbey Chapel.

Danley’s speakers have a proprietary design, providing the acoustical pattern control of the common line array speakers, without the labor intensive setup of the common line array. These speakers also provide the ability to control the audio pattern, meaning that no matter the pitch of the voice spoken into the microphone, the sound projected would be clear.

Additionally, CCS added audio feeds to enhance live streaming for future chapel events. The final result: The Abbey and Inter-Faith Chapels now have clear, high quality vocal and acoustic sound with constant intelligibility. Audience participation has increased. Best of all, the chapels were technologically-enhanced without losing their original and historic appearance.


CCS provides full-service Audio Visual system design, integration, installation, training and maintenance. Product expertise includes large format LCD displays, digital projectors, interactive whiteboards, room control systems, audio systems, high definition videoconferencing systems and much more. CCS Presentation Systems has expanded from a two-person operation to one of the largest A/V integrators in the U.S., with more than 350 employees and regional sales coverage to almost every state in America. For more information on CCS New England.

Fair Trade and Value With TAA Compliant NEC Display Touch Screen Overlays

In the recent years, computer manufacturers have gotten a little touch-centric. It seems like everything has a touchscreen now. Mall kiosks now allow customers to interact with the map and search for exactly what they want with an intuitive interface. Most businesses that require a signature will most likely expect customers to sign on a touchscreen interface. For businesses, these touchscreens are an investment. Each one could cost thousands of dollars. In order to protect this investment, business owners should purchase TAA Compliant NEC Display Touch Screen Overlays. These overlays protect the screen against most kinds of damage and are Trade Agreement Act certified.

NEC is a leading producer and supplier of Touch Screen Displays and digital signage. With the new certification being awarded to this screen producing giant, they can now offer even more value to their customers and help promote fair trade. The reason to choose a Trade Agreement Act compliant product is simple. TAA compliant countries offer a higher standard of quality for their products and employees. In some countries, it would be permissible to force workers to earn less or work too many hours. TAA compliant providers work hard to prevent these kinds of situations.

The Trade Acts Agreement is an arrangement that assure products quality standards and promotes fair and open trade. The United States government is only allowed to purchased products made in the country or from a country that is TAA certified. By making a stand against cruel and unfair treatment, companies like NEC are helping make the world a better place and prevent unfair business trades that could damage an industry. NEC Display Solutions is a proud provider of TAA certified screen overlays.

Digital Displays can find themselves at home in almost any environment. Many businesses use them as a way to attract customers with the temptation of their favorite show. Most restaurants feature several displays at once so that diners can enjoy their favorite game or show while they eat. Some of the most successful businesses use digital signage as a menu. This active and stimulating menu option helps customers see the latest promotion in stunning clarity and color. Digital displays should never be dismissed as too expensive to consider for any lobby. Just having a display in the lobby could be enough to sustain a local customer base. Any business owner worth their salt knows that this is how long-term customers are kept.

Any business could use a digital display to help liven things up around the office. Those monthly conferences that took place over the phone could be viewed over a CCS Presentation Systems solution. Presentation systems are great for boardrooms or conference halls. They can be installed in offices or other professional areas in order to make the most of any space. A good installer can even recess the unit into the wall, saving even more room. Digital displays can be adapted to any number of uses from personal motivation to sharing critical information that could be helpful to employees and team members. Contact CCS Presentation Systems today to see exactly how we can help.

Sennheiser Digital 6000

Sennheiser, the German specialty electronics developer of microphones, headphones, and avionics headsets, has recently announced a new addition to its Professional Wireless Range: The upcoming Digital 6000 series of radio microphones for the RF-based live productions. This series uses the same long range mode and Digital Audio Codec as the Digital 9000, their top of the line wireless series. Creating a two channel receiver in two different versions, a body pack and a handheld transmitter, and a rack mount charging unit, the digital 6000 Series is set to come available in March 2017.

The newly developed digital two channel receiver works across a switching bandwidth of 244 MHz, which is covered over three transmitter versions. For larger systems, up to eight receiver units can be simply daisy chained without the need for an additional splitter. This multichannel system functions off a single pair of antenna. These receivers are fitted with a Link Quality Indicator which ensures issues are seen before any drop outs occur. In difficult RF environments, the signal can become temporarily disrupted, and, if this happens, the error concealment of the Digital 6000 sets in. It employs algorithms with intelligent learning which replace the corrupted signal, enabling a flawless transmission where other systems fail.

Along with this state of the art quality, the Digital 6000 is also equipped with a white OLED display which shows the RF signal, link quality, audio signal, battery status, frequency and encryption. Several options of home screens provide easy access to other information without the user having to flip through submenus. Error messages are displayed directly on the information screen.

The transmitter uses the same high-performance rechargeable accupacks as the Digital 9000 units. The handheld transmitter is fitted with Sennheiser’s standard capsule interface and can be combined with all the classic heads from the 2000 series and the special 9000 series heads.

The L 6000 charger can be fitted with up to four charging modules, each of which recharges either two body packs or two handheld batteries. Three colored LEDs on the front panel gives a quick overview of the charging process. More detailed information can be accessed via the Wireless Systems Manager.

The Digital 6000 Series is compatible with Digital 9000 in long-range mode, and they can also be used with the EK 6042 camera receiver.

Click here for more information on Web-Enabled Cloud Conferencing Systems and other Conferencing Solutions from CCS Presentation Systems.

Sharp Announces New LCD Displays

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA), a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation, announced October 4, 2016 its next generation of professional grade LCD monitors for its PN-R series. Available in 42”, 49”, and 55” models, the new series is the most technically capable and physically versatile yet.

The new PN-R556/R496/R426 LCD monitors won the title of “Best of Show” at InfoComm 2016 for their aesthetic qualities. This new series offers a slimmer, sleek design with a bezel of only 7.8 mm around the screen, cutting the bezel size of its predecessor in half. This decrease allows onscreen images to dominate and stand out more than ever before.

With this one of a kind update, customers can install these models in either landscape or portrait modes and mount them in ways such as from ceiling wires, face up, face down, or forwards or backwards at any angle. This flexibility in installation brings an entirely new level to signage customization and provides more choices to display key messages.

In addition to being able to mount these visually dynamic images virtually anywhere, the PN-R series offers an optional HDBaseT 2.0 compliant receiver board which can support multiple media and control signals, including HDMI, Audio, and LAN signals up to 328 feet. This brings an ease to connectivity, requiring less cables and reducing installation time.

To allow for even more flexibility, an optional wireless board allows up to 10 devices (Mac/Windows Computers, Chromebook/iOS/Android platform smartphones and tablets) to connect and display simultaneously without cables. Users can display content of one device on the whole screen or from up to 4 devices in a 2×2 split screen.

The PN-R496 display will be available to ship in October 2016. The PN-R556 is scheduled for November, and the PN-R426 is scheduled for January 2017.

About Sharp Imaging & Information Company of America

Sharp is one of the top selling brands of Large Format Displays and is the #1 selling brand of Large Format Commercial Displays integrated with touch technology. Sharp’s professional and commercial displays are specially engineered for business applications, offered in a wide range of sizes and have varying capabilities. For more information, visit