As a business, your employees are your most important asset. It’s your job to ensure their safety in the workplace, which means monitoring your commercial property with surveillance systems.

You shouldn`t trust just any system to this task. Protect your property, your customers, and your employees with the advanced video surveillance systems from CCS Midwest.

Cutting Edge Surveillance Systems

Monitor your building during daylight and protect your inventory after hours with the top-of-the-line video surveillance systems from CCS Midwest. We carry a wide range of equipment to fit any company`s needs, including:

  • Vandal-resistant cameras with multiple stream formats, improved facial recognition, sensitivity to lower light, and noise reduction features
  • Waterproof cameras with high zoom factors and improved auto tracking for synchronized video feeds
  • Weather resistant outdoor cameras with high resolution, intuitive day/night functions, and Anti-Shock Auto Back Focus technology for added clarity in all light conditions
  • Surveillance management software to control cameras and alarms, complete with multi-split screen technology

We are experienced in working with a variety of brands and the latest technologies, meaning we can connect you with the right cutting-edge equipment for all your business needs, whether you are a small business desiring a way to protect your inventory, or a large corporation adding protection to your commercial property. We will work with you to create a solution for your unique challenges and situation.

Integration, Installation, & Maintenance

In addition to helping you select and purchase the best video surveillance systems for your needs, CCS Midwest can also provide integration, installation, and maintenance. Entrust us with your surveillance systems set-up to ensure that your building security runs properly. We can manage software, equipment installation and train your workers on video surveillance systems management.

We can also troubleshoot problems on existing video surveillance systems. Our years of industry experience ensures that we can work with any system, no matter the brand or who installed the system.

If you are ready to prevent revenue loss from theft or vandalism while protecting your employees and clients, call CCS Midwest about video surveillance systems today at (402) 331-2320 .

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