As a business, it’s your job to create a work environment conducive for employee success, plus client privacy and comfort — all of which you can achieve with soundproofing provided by sound masking systems. Sound masking systems cloak the human hearing spectrum by adding white noise or pink noise into an environment and eliminating auditory distractions.

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Soundproofing Your Business

At CCS Midwest, we carry sound masking systems equipment perfect for commercial soundproofing applications. If you need to prevent distracting noises from limiting employee productivity and interrupting client meetings, the state-of-the-art sound masking systems from CCS Midwest are a great soundproofing solution for your business needs.

Not only do they foster better worker concentration — sound masking systems also render speech unintelligible beyond 20 feet, making them ideal for industries in which client confidentiality is of the utmost importance. If you are a healthcare facility, law firm, financial institution, or insurance provider, you should consider how sound masking systems can protect customer privacy.

Sound Masking Systems Design & Integration

CCS Midwest can aid in sound masking systems selection by analyzing your business needs and your facility. Then we’ll turn our attention to soundproofing equipment integration, using our expertise to ensure that your sound masking systems are properly installed and fully functional.

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