CCS Midwest also specializes in Crestron programming.

With our custom Crestron programming, you can take control of your surplus of remote controllers and combine all of your needs into one system, making presentations and building control a breeze.

Enable Easier Presentations

With Crestron programming, gone are the days when presenters have to juggle multiple remotes and remember systems controls when conducting in-person or video conference meetings. Crestron programming will combine all equipment into one central system with one remote. Your presentations will be seamless and struggle-free.

Save Money With Crestron Programming

How can Crestron programming save money? CCS Midwest can design and integrate a system that controls your lights, heating and cooling system, television, alarm system and more. Thanks to Crestron programming, you can create controls that will lower your costs, including:

  • Automatically turning off lights once all employees leave a room
  • Lowering heating or cooling at night when the building is unoccupied
  • Turning on the alarm system at a designated time, helping to deter theft

Integrated automation through Crestron programming enables you to control systems without having to remember your desired settings. Eliminate the room for human error — automate your office with Crestron programming!

Crestron Programming to Integrate All Equipment

The CCS Midwest team supplies certified Crestron programming for your work with video conferencing services, AV presentation systems, digital signage and more. No matter your need, Crestron and CCS Midwest, together, have the solution for you.

Whether you are at work, at play, at church or anywhere else, CCS Midwest supplies Crestron’s wide array of AV solutions specifically designed to fit, fulfill and go above and beyond your needs. We can provide Crestron programming in Omaha, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and throughout the Midwest.

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