At CCS Midwest, we provide more than just SMART board and interactive technology — we provide personal AV solutions that work for you. Whether your need is digital signage, presentation systems, or a multi-million dollar integration system, CCS Midwest will go above and beyond to make your dream come true.

Our project management team will communicate with you every step of the way. We provide on-site training, interactive web training and Custom Operations Guides, so you will learn the fine print and leave you confident with your new, custom system. Whether we are designing AV solutions for you or working on a previously installed system, our certified, experienced team gives you the confidence to utilize, develop and master your AV solutions.

AV Solutions by CCS Midwest

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing can serve countless functions for your business. Use it to train clients or telecommuting employees, to provide online conference attendees access to in-person conventions, or to improve communication between distant branches of your company. This is a versatile technology that can adapt to any business, small or large. We can provide systems integration and training so that you and your employees can use your web conferencing to its fullest capabilities.

Digital Signage

These AV solutions aren`t just for retail environments. Sure, our digital signage will fit right in a store or shopping center to deliver tailored content to consumers, but it can also be used in virtually any workplace application. Try installing digital signage to post internal memos or processes, or use it in your lobby or atrium to direct clients. No matter the application, digital signage is one of the most impressive AV solutions because of its state-of-the-art equipment and aesthetic appeal.

Audio Conferencing

Audio conferencing is one of the most-used AV solutions for businesses. At CCS Midwest, we specialize in audio conferencing technology that works for your needs, whether you`re a multi-state corporation that makes frequent long-distance conference calls or a small start-up enterprise that just needs telecommunications support. Reliable, easy-to-use and sure to provide audio clarity, our audio conferencing systems are ideal for any workplace.

Interactive Displays

The interactive displays we offer as a part of our AV solutions are sure to impress your customers, clients, and business associates. Our state-of-the-art offerings will perform well in any commercial application, from storefront displays and corporate trainings to industry exhibitions and conference presentations. Ensure the success of these AV solutions by using our systems integration services.

Crestron Programming

Our AV solutions also include Certified Crestron programming. With a Crestron system designed and implemented by CCS Midwest, you`ll be able to control the lights, temperature, televisions, alarm systems, AV presentation systems, digital signage, and more, making it easy to manage your commercial building and AV solutions.

Sound Masking Systems

Create a more productive environment for your employees while ensuring the privacy of your clients with sound masking systems, another of the AV solutions provided by CCS Midwest. We can provide full sound masking systems installation and integration.

Conference Room Design

Conference room design one of the most important AV solutions. Create a top-of-the-line conference room with CCS Midwest. We can provide the knowledge, technology, and systems integration skills needed to design the right conference room for your business.

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems are one of the most utilized AV solutions for businesses. With the high-quality systems provided and integrated by CCS Midwest, you`ll get 24/7 building monitoring to ensure employee safety during the day and protect your inventory after hours. Our experience with a wide range of surveillance systems equipment qualifies us to work with any business needing our surveillance systems.

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