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Providing AV Services in Omaha & Beyond

When your business contacts us with a need for AV services, we first sit back and listen.
After hearing from you, we assess your AV needs, build your custom design, install new AV systems and integrate with current AV systems.
However, our AV services don’t stop there. We assure that you will be able to operate your AV products and services with confidence, and we provide training for help beyond our first visit. Read more about our AV services below, or click each header for more detailed information on our solutions.

Comprehensive AV Services

AV Installation

Our expert AV installation team provides high-quality AV installation that ensure your projects are completed without a hitch. We adhere to the industry’s best standards during all AV services, including installation. From a small LED screen installation to a large multi-million dollar systems integration project, we can spearhead any project in an efficient, timely manner. Worried about your existing AV systems? Your AV installation tech will seamlessly integrate your new products with existing technologies, ensuring our AV services will keep you current.

AV System Design and Engineering

The AV services experts at CCS Midwest include the top engineers in our industry. With up to 30 years of experience in AV technologies and system design, our engineers will work with you to meet your project specifications and achieve your vision — all while remaining within your budget. Our professionalism and extensive AV services portfolio are sure to impress.

Professional AV Services

If you don’t have the proper AV training, our top-of-the-line equipment can be daunting. Don’t worry — after installation we can provide professional AV services such as systems training to ensure that you and your employees can use your new AV systems effectively. You’ll learn basic operations as well as how to troubleshoot issues with your new technology, and of course you’ll receive a detailed operations manual. If you need further training, you can take an interactive course at CCS Anytime which will provide you with more in-depth AV systems training. Our goal in all AV services is to help businesses better understand and utilize their AV technologies.

AV Consulting

Our AV services also include consulting. Let us use our industry expertise to evaluate your current systems and your needs to determine the best, most cost-effective AV technology for you. We can start from the ground up and design an entirely new system to fit your budget or work to upgrade an existing system. Either way, expect transparency and open communication lines through the entire process (as well as our other AV services!)


The CAD Department at CCS Midwest will use the latest in industry software and hardware to create drawings for AV services projects of any kind. From as-built drawings and floor plans to rack elevations and single-line drawings, we’ll provide any documentation you need, customized per your specifications. Our Custom Operation Guides will help you in the day-to-day operation of your AV system.

AV Service Agreements

Ensuring our customers’ satisfaction is our primary concern: that’s why we offer preventative service calls, on-site support, and customer review meetings. Our AV services don’t just end with installation — we continue aiding our customers with open lines of communication, plus maintenance and repairs by our certified technicians. In this way, we ensure that our AV services prove their worth for years to come.

Project Management

AV Services at CCS Midwest always involve a designated Project Manager who oversees the efficient, effective completion of your project by serving as a contact for you, any contractors or architects, and building managers. They’ll create a project schedule, ensure worker accountability, provide training and necessary documentation at the conclusion of AV services, and provide updates along the way.

From simple accessories to multi-million dollar integration projects, school classrooms to world-class resorts, CCS Midwest provides superior AV services, products and solutions to meet your unique needs. CCS Midwest is your complete AV services provider, and we make sure we are with you every step of the way.

Learn more about the comprehensive AV services we provide to businesses from Omaha to Sioux City, then call  (402) 331-2320 to discuss your needs today!

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