Make Your Audio or Video Conferencing Session Perfect With our Pre-Meeting Checklist

Audio and video conferencing are fantastic technological advancements that makes it possible to meet with colleagues from across the globe without having to leave home.

While these methods of collaboration are usually fairly easy to use (especially with training from CCS Midwest!), good planning is the key to making any audio or video conferencing session a success. Follow this checklist to make sure you’re ready before connecting with colleagues and clients.

Pre-Planning Your Audio or Video Conferencing Session

1. Reserve the Room and Equipment

If you don’t have your own office to provide privacy, then make certain to reserve a conference room for your audio or video conferencing session well in advance. That way, you won’t be scrambling to find a private place where you can hear and be heard.

2. Contact All Involved PartiesCalendar

People’s schedules get crazy, especially at the last minute. Your audio or video conferencing sessions will be much more productive if you get everyone on board as soon as possible. This ensures that no one will have to rearrange their schedules in the last minute.

3. Meet with Technical Support

If you’re not intimately familiar with your organization’s video conferencing equipment, get a quick tutorial from a technician who is. Even if you’ve used it before, it wouldn’t hurt to brush up on your skills. Nothing’s worse than having to delay or push a conferencing session due to technical issues or user errors.

4. Arrive Early

Arrive early so you’ll have plenty of time to determine whether or not the microphone is working and to make certain that your webcam is properly positioned. Take a moment to review the system settings to ensure that they are configured for optimal Internet connection.

5. Double Check Documents

Do a last minute check of any documents or other materials you’ll be sharing or referring to during your audio or video conferencing session. Typos and errors can quickly derail your plans, so accuracy counts.

6. Analyze Results

Take stock of your audio or video conferencing experience directly afterward, evaluating it for what worked and what didn’t. This step helps you improve your future conferencing efforts.

Audio & Video Conferencing Support for Your Omaha Business

In addition to following our pre-conferencing checklist, you can best prepare for your audio and video conferencing sessions by partnering with CCS Midwest. We provide technical support, installation, and more to ensure your conferencing and collaboration are effective.

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