CCS Midwest operates with a core focus: serving our clients and helping them solve their toughest problems. AV systems are challenging and constantly changing. In the past, IT networks, digital media and AV systems operated on separate high-cost networks. Today, AV and IT are becoming one.

CCS Midwest customizes solutions to meet every client’s specific requirements and strategic goals. We take an extensive approach to our AV technology services, offering support from product selection, design and engineering, to proactive monitoring and management of AV assets.

CCS Midwest foresees a future in every AV system – from video communications and collaboration tools, to phone systems, audio systems, infrastructure cabling networks and surveillance systems. We’re not simply thinking about your AV system today, but also how it will operate 10 years from today.


To integrate technology in a manner that will allow individuals and businesses to easily manage and function in an ever-evolving industry. We do this by providing products and services to meet the specific demands of each client through system reliability and superior results.