What 4K Displays Can Do For Your Business

With 2015 rolling in, you may have heard some talk about 4K technology this new year.

Also known as Ultra High Definition (UHD), 4K displays are so-named because of their horizontal resolution of 4,000 pixels and vertical resolution of 2,000 pixels.

Compared to the typical HD display of 1080 pixels, 4K displays offer twice the resolution, yielding a crisper picture.

Why should 4K displays find their way into your boardroom and not just your home theater? Here are a few ways 4K displays can be used by businesses.

Benefits of 4K Displays for Businesses

4K Displays as Monitors

If you’re in a business that requires the use of many screens on a daily basis — think marketing, stock trading, news and media, tech companies, and more — then 4K displays can serve as your ideal monitors. 4K Displays

Rather than sticking with lower-resolution monitors that necessitate expensive graphics cards, monitor arms, and many cables to get the set-up you need, you can save on infrastructure costs with 4K displays. All a 4K display needs is one data cable and one power cable to serve as a monitor!

The clarity and higher resolution of 4K displays are especially useful for businesses that use video conferencing as primary means of communication. When you’re speaking with people thousands of miles away, those extra pixels can make a difference.

4K Displays as Digital Signage

4K displays aren’t just useful in the office — businesses wanting to invest in digital signage for external marketing purposes should consider the value of 4K displays.

Think about it — if you’re promoting your products or services visually, don’t you want your ads or images to be displayed in the sharpest possible picture, so that consumers almost feel as though they are viewing your goods in person?

Plus, 4K displays have fewer needs for costly graphics cards to display content, which helps cut expenses.

Stay Ahead of the Curve With CCS Midwest

While it may take a while for all businesses to invest in 4K displays, the best time to make the leap is before the other guys, right? As we all know, if you move forward too late when it comes to technology, you will be way behind your competitors. Content for 4K displays is constantly being created. Make sure your business is ahead of the curve with CCS Midwest. We can help your business select the right equipment for your video conferencing, digital signage, video walls, and more!

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