3 Components of Collaborative Conference Rooms

It’s 2015. If your conference room consists of just a large table and several chairs, you’re practically stuck in the stone age.

Today’s businesses thrive on collaboration, and to beget collaboration, you need a conference room design that incorporates collaborative technologies in the correct way.

Here are 3 must-have technologies for any collaborative conference room design.

Make Your Conference Room a Haven for Collaboration

Video ConferencingConference Room

Video conferencing is the ultimate tool for collaboration, enabling real-time remote communication that effectively expands your company’s geographical borders. Outfit your conference room with the needed technology for video conferencing, and we promise you won’t regret your investment, as you’ll be able to pursue far-flung clientele, train cross-country top talents, and more.

Control Systems

A conference room without Control Systems may function on a basic level, but won’t allow the full collaboration of a room that’s fully-equipped. With a control system, all your personnel will be able to integrate their technology seamlessly into your conference room, allowing quicker collaboration. Plus, when meeting set-up is almost nonexistent, your employees can focus on communicating with each other rather than wrangling cords and calling IT for help.

Video Walls

Want your employees to have quick access to up-to-date industry news? Need to video conference with multiple locations? Ever tire of toggling between screens during a brainstorming session? With video walls, your collaboration will flow uninterrupted, as you’ll have many high-resolution displays to use however you need.

Create Collaborative Spaces With CCS Midwest

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