2015 AV Trends to Watch For

December`s here, and though the holidays are near, our minds are already on 2015.

As AV professionals, we`re always future-thinking, seeking out the next and best in the AV world.

Here are the trends we expect to breakout next year — and why your business should watch out for them.

2015 AV Trends

Collaborative Focus

Collaboration is at the heart of every good business, and your AV technology needs to reflect this. In 2015, we expect more businesses to embrace collaborative AV technology, including conference room components, video conferencing, SMART boards, and more. Technology that can help workers collaborate smarter — including from long distances — will grow in popularity.

Mobile DevicesMobile Phones at Meeting

Businesses are quickly learning that investing in technology for all workers can be costly and time consuming, as employees often have to train on their new devices. Allowing employees and clients to use their own devices when video conferencing or participating in training will streamline processes, cut costs, and ensure everyone`s comfort with the technologies.

Video Walls

We expect that video walls will also grow in popularity over the next year as many industries realize their applications. Traditionally found in retail environments, video walls can have countless applications across disciplines, including in emergency centers, control rooms, transportation hubs, and more.

Cloud Technology

Cloud-based video conferencing and other communications solutions will also be more ubiquitous among businesses. When AV technology uses the cloud, businesses don`t have to make costly investments in infrastructure or equipment or worry about internet speeds that can support the technology.

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