Why a Video Wall Might be Your Company’s Most Valuable Visual Asset

Look around your local mall and you’ll see that our increasingly digital and visual society has made the video wall a part of everyday life. No longer are metropolitan areas like Times Square or Tokyo the only places you’ll find lit up with video walls — businesses have expanded their use of the technology to retail areas and other public spaces.

Here’s why we think a video wall might be the MVP when it comes to your business’ advertising efforts.

What Makes a Video Wall an Important Business Tool?

High-Performance Equipment to Produce Stunning Visuals

If you build your video wall right, you’ll be using state-of-the-art equipment to create one large, seamless display. Cutting edge technologies like DLP and LED will ensure the image quality of your video wall, creating a showstopping display to best engage consumers.

With the right displays and systems integration, you can create a color calibrated video wall with uniform brightness and saturation. A modern video wall will also be able to handle high resolution content consumers will love.

Reliable Display, Easy Maintenance

Your video wall can run 24/7 without interruption. Commercial-grade displays and components are designed to withstand the elements when used in outdoor applications. Systems are designed to enable easy maintenance when it’s required. DLP and LED technologies also ensure a video wall that’s long-lasting.

Versatile Design & Applications

The versatility of the video wall also makes it an advertiser’s dream. Displays configured in almost any way you envision. Screen sizes, orientations, and configurations can be adjusted to create the video wall you envision. They can be used in countless commercial applications, from retail spaces and corporate lobbies, to airports and casinos, to athletic complexes and concert venues.

Your video wall can also be equipped with advanced functionality like touchscreen technology, content creation software, and control systems. A professional systems integrator can advise you on the right industrial-strength video wall displays to use, help design and deploy the video wall, plus integrate cooling and electrical elements needed to create a proper, functional infrastructure.

Wow Consumers With a State-of-the-Art Video Wall

Stand out from the competition with a stunning video wall that consumers can’t look away from. CCS New England can guide you through the process, from video wall design and component selection to systems integration and training.

To learn more about creating a video wall with CCS New England, call us today.

Harness These Digital Signage Trends to Promote Your Business

Take a moment and try to think of a time when you didn’t look at a screen every few hours.

Thanks to advancements in technology and the interconnectivity of the internet, screens have become a part of our everyday landscape. If you’re a business owner who’s not capitalizing on this with digital signage, then you’re missing out on a prime opportunity.

Today, we’re exploring the digital signage trends you can use to better promote your business.

Digital Signage Trends for Businesses

Proximity-Based Digital Signage

With proximity-based technology, digital signage can now be used to target nearby customers with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones or tablets. This means your business can supply coupons or special offers to consumers who are close, encouraging them to stop by.


Facial Recognition

Digital signage can even use cameras with facial recognition to pinpoint the demographics of passing consumers. It will then display ads that appeal to their gender and age group. Additionally, it can track how long the person views the ads, allowing advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their content.

Touchscreen Technology

Touchscreen digital signage is rising in popularity, partly because it captures consumers’ attention with its interactivity. Consumers are more engaged with touchscreen digital signage, and thanks to the spread of smart phones, many people are comfortable using touchscreens.

Interactive Ads

Advertisers are taking the interactivity of touchscreen digital signage to a new level. Some digital signage can even be accompanied with sensors that detect people’s movements and play corresponding ads, provide coupons, or even supply product samples. The more interactive your digital signage, the more firmly your advertisement will stick in the viewers’ minds.

Cloud-Based Digital Signage

With cloud-based digital signage, advertisers can control signage remotely on desktops, laptops, or mobile devices. This will allow for easier content adjustments and more streamlined campaign launches.

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