Four Ways a Crestron Control System Can Help Your Business

How often do your employees conduct business meetings that require the use of a great deal of equipment? From a projector to a smart board to a Bluray player to a telepresence system, business meetings are now more connected than ever. While all of this new technology does make presentations smarter, it also often requires much more set-up time.

If your employees frequently hold and attend meetings where electronics are used, it may be time to simplify and streamline the process with a Crestron Control System. Here are four ways a Crestron Control System can help your business.

Improve Your Conferencing With Crestron Control Systems

1. Drastically Reduce Meeting Set-up Time

It is all too common for the presenter or leader of the meeting to have to show up a half an hour to an hour early just to set up the equipment and make sure that everything is working. All of the devices have to be connected to each other and the person has to find the remotes for all of them. With a Crestron Control System, however, all of the devices are already connected and ready to go. Presenters are allowed to focus on their presentation prep rather than tech set-up.

2. Make Presentations More SeamlessOmaha | Crestron Control Systems | CCS Midwest

Once the meeting is underway, even more time is wasted as the meeting host walks between devices or switches between remotes. With a Crestron Control System, however, all of the devices are connected and controlled by one remote. This leads to a more efficient, seamless presentation, so that the audience is not distracted as the presenter fumbles with technology.

3. Train New People More Easily

Training new people to run a presentation system can be time consuming, especially when they have to learn how to set everything up and learn which remote goes with which piece of technology. A Crestron Control System makes the process easy, however, so you can train new people more quickly.

4. Integrate New Equipment More Easily

Someday, you will also want to be able to add or change the equipment in your presentation system, whether it is to add additional features or to upgrade the equipment that you have already. A Crestron Control System makes this easy. Crestron Control Systems are infinitely expandable and they can control almost any type of device.

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