Communications are the heart of any business relationship, regardless of industry or company size. CCS Midwest is proud to provide high-quality phone systems to businesses throughout the central United States and beyond. When your company needs a reliable VoIP phone system, CCS can provide the solution.

A VoIP Phone System That Fits Your Needs

The Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (or VoIP) phone systems by CCS Midwest are designed to fit your business’ every need. By using an internet connection instead of a landline, your VoIP phone system will be able to function more efficiently.

Simple Communications Solution, Top Notch Performance

As a comprehensive communications solution, the VoIP phone system will simplify your day-to-day operations. You’ll have a fully-integrated communications system that can grow with you as your company evolves. Even if you move locations, your VoIP phone system can easily move with you and resume service ASAP, meaning you won’t be affected in the period of transition.

We proudly offer hosted solutions from ESI, ShoreTel, Cox Communications, and Century Link.

VoIP System Installation, Integration, Training & Technical Support by CCS Midwest

CCS Midwest not only connects you with the communications solutions you need — we can also provide installation, integration, and training to ensure that your VoIP phone system works well for your business. From installing VoIP phone system units to integrating software and network cables, we are a comprehensive installation team.

After installation, CCS Midwest will also train your employees to properly use the VoIP phone system, helping each individual feel comfortable using the phones and capitalizing on their high-tech features.

That’s not all we can do when it comes to VoIP phone systems, though. CCS Midwest also provides technical support so that your communications will run effectively for years to come. If you experience any issues with your VoIP phone system, you can easily contact us and we will work diligently to troubleshoot your problem.

Ready to convert to a high-quality VoIP phone system? Call (402) 913-3700 to discuss the VoIP options from CCS Midwest.