The Video Wall Goes Mainstream

Nccs-midwest-video-wallsow is the time for Video Walls. What was once an expensive status symbol has now become a common application for stores, trade shows, corporate lobbies, stadiums, casinos, hotels, conference rooms, restaurants and many other public locations.

Video walls are not just limited to specialty applications for Government, Military, Security and Network Operations Centers. Over the last few years, we have seen the video wall really coming out into the mainstream. They are quickly becoming a significant part of the future of digital signage. In many public spaces, from malls to airports, the general public is becoming increasingly familiar with the video wall as a commonplace presentation device.

The Future Of Video Walls

The cost of flat panel LCD screens has decreased considerably in recent years. This is one of the driving factors that has pushed the LCD display to the front line of the video walls popularity. Naturally, we can`t overlook the importance of the “Wow” factor.  Seeing an image spread across a giant video wall is simply an amazing experience in the realm of advertising and branding. Words simply cannot describe the video wall. If you`ve never seen one in person, you really should. However, the video wall has evolved into much more than digital signage. More advanced features and functionality, like control system, or Touch Interactivity or Content Management Software can be implemented into the video wall. Making it a fully functional tool with unlimited uses.

There’s no question that the video wall will continue to become more prevalent. Manufacturers are making great advancements to display technology, software and hardware solutions. Through these innovations, we are sure to see more and more impressive looking video walls being showcased in the near future.  Choosing the best solution doesn’t have to be a difficult process.

If your business is investing in digital signage in 2013 and is interested in learning more about video walls, contact CCS Midwest. We are a provider of NEC Display Solutions and can work with your staff to help integrate them seamlessly into your business.

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