Making the Most of Your Video Walls

Imagine your brand’s logo spanning an entire wall. Crisp resolution, bright colors. It’s eye-catching.

Or perhaps you want to relax lobby guests, with images of serene beaches or soothing colors.

Maybe you just like to change your wall decor up on a regular basis.

You can do all of this with video walls. They are becoming more and more ubiquitous, and thus increasingly accessible. Video walls can add an incredible, modern feel to any business, and we’ve got a few tips to help you make the most of yours.

Choose Wisely Video Wall

The AV team here at CCS Midwest will help you choose the technology that is right for your space and for the video wall’s intended purpose. Our experts will inform you of the wisest choices for your facility.

Choose Only High-Resolution Images

Video walls are meant to be striking. If the images you’re displaying are grainy or pixelated, it not only ruins the effect, but makes it harder for guests to make out the picture. Ensure that your chosen image or text is the appropriate size and resolution for the span of your video wall.

Keep Your Guests in Mind

Be sure that your text and images are as legible as possible. This may mean choosing a sans serif font or minimizing the amount of text that you use. If viewers are in a fast-paced environment, where they aren’t spending a lot of downtime, you want your message to be quick, so they have time to read and digest it all. As with anything, you want your users to have a positive experience, and to not walk away frustrated.

Call Us Today

The AV experts at CCS Midwest are excited to help you get familiarized with your new video wall technology. For any questions, or to learn more about video walls, call us today at (402) 913-3700.

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