Four Easy Ways To Protect Your CCTV System From Lightning

When it comes to your business and the weather, your CCTV system and lightning are two elements that do not mix. Not only can the lighting destroy your outside-mounted CCTV, but the lightning strike can result in a power surge that fries your DVR as well. While there is no way to completely prevent your outside-mounted CCTV from the elements, there are a few steps you can take that will help.

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Four Tips For Protecting Your CCTV System From Lightning

1. Avoid Mounting Your CCTV to Metal

The chances of your CCTV being hit directly are much lower than the chances of your building being hit and the power traveling to your CCTV. By making sure that your CCTV is not mounted to metal, you break the path. This way, even if your building is hit, your camera is not as likely to be affected.

2. Make Sure Your CCTV is Grounded Correctly

If your CCTV is hit, the power has to go somewhere. Redirect it away from your DVR by making sure your CCTV is grounded correctly. While your camera will be damaged, you will significantly reduce the damage to the rest of your system, making replacement much easier and cheaper.

3. Use a Surge Protector

A surge protector is a great way to protect your DVR in case the power does get through. If the voltage goes above the standard 120 volts, the surge protector will divert the power away from the DVR and in the power outlet`s grounding wire instead. Surge protectors are very easy to find and affordable.

4. Use an Uninterruptable Power Supply

Even if your DVR is not ruined by a power surge, that does not mean that it is completely safe during a thunderstorm. If the power goes out due to a lightning strike elsewhere, your DVR will stop recording. Prevent this by connecting your DVR to an uninterruptable power supply so no matter what happens to your building`s electricity, your DVR will always have just the right amount of power it needs.

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