Want to Cut Your Business Costs? How Crestron Programming Can Help

Regardless of your specialty or industry, there`s one universal most business owners can get on board with: saving money is a great thing.

Investing in a Crestron Control System is a great way to save money over time. How can connecting your lighting, heating and cooling system, A/V equipment, video conferencing technology, security system, and more cut down on costs? Read the details below.

Use Crestron Programming For Cost Savings

Lower Utility Costs

With Crestron programming, you can set parameters that will lower your electricity bill, such as:

  • Setting lights to automatically turn on when employees enter a room and turn off when they leave
  • Opening or closing window treatments to adjust to seasonal needs, time of day, or light levels — so you can harness natural light and save on electricity, plus save on heating and cooling costs
  • Lower the building`s temperature at night

Implement these changes with Crestron programming and you can see a drastic difference in just a month.

Control Employee Energy Use Want to Cut Your Business Costs? How Crestron Programming Can Help

If the last employee out forgets to turn off the lights and turn down the shades, no worries — your Crestron system can fix that. Same goes if someone forgets to lock the door or turn on the alarm — it`s all automated, so it will be done. You can even deal with employees who turn up the heat when it isn`t warranted; with Crestron programming, you`ll be able to adjust the temperature to the level you want. Even better, you can do all of this when you`re away from the office, thanks to remote capabilities.

Increase Building Security

Crestron programming can be used to up your building`s security, which you could cash in for an insurance discount. At the very least, pursuing these security measures will decrease your risk of a costly break-in. You can program your Crestron system to lower window coverings, which can prevent theft. You can also have your system randomly cycle lights so that potential intruders think someone is occupying the building. Plus, the remote monitoring capabilities will allow you to check on your building with ease.

Monitor & Adjust Energy Usage

With an integrated Crestron system, you can even view data on past energy consumption, allowing you to see how different behaviors and methods alter your energy usage (and thus your bill size!) You can even view real-time energy usage and make quick adjustments to solve any issues.

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