Crestron Programming Settings for Your Office Lighting

As we`ve shared before, Crestron Control Systems can help your business cut costs in many ways.

Today, we`re specifically examining how using Crestron programming for your lighting can benefit your business.

Crestron Control Systems & Your Office Lighting

Save on Energy Costs

Lighting comprises a whopping 39% of the average business` utility bill. By using Crestron programming settings, you can adjust your lighting to cut costs. Try these lighting settings:

  • Program rooms that aren`t used on a daily basis to only turn on when users enter them or use a keycard to gain access. This prevents energy costs you incur when an employee forgets to turn off a light in a little-used space, such as a utility closet.
  • Take advantage of free natural light by — set your interior lights to dim when they detect an influx of sunlight.
  • Program lights to shut off at a specific time. If employees need to stay late for any reason, the system can detect this so they can still use the space.

Make Your Building More SecureOmaha | Crestron Programming Settings for Your Office Lighting

Using Crestron programming for your lighting can also add important security features to your building. You can program your exterior lights to turn on when they detect motion, deterring thieves. You won`t have to worry about remembering to turn on an outdoor light, either — you can program the system to turn on parking lot lights or exterior lights that illuminate key entryways.

Another good security setting for your Crestron system? If your business has warehouse storage, try cycling those lights to deter theft, but avoid the costs of leaving the lights on all night.


Using motion-sensor exterior lighting as part of your Crestron programming will not only make your building more secure — it is also more convenient for your employees who come to work early or leave late. They won`t have to trek through the parking lot in the dark!

You can even create a setting so that your interior lights come on when an employee uses their key cards to access the building, so no one has to walk into a dark space.

Peace of Mind

Ever had a sleepless night trying to remember if you turned off that light or if your outdoor security lighting came on? With Crestron programming, you can schedule these actions and stay home worry-free. Plus, remote monitoring capabilities will allow you to check and make sure that all the lights you want on are on, and all the lights you want off are off.

Crestron Programming for Your Business Lighting

CCS Midwest can provide Crestron programming for your business, whether you are based in Omaha, Nebraska, Iowa, or South Dakota. We can help you select the right system components, then integrate and program your Crestron system with your ideal settings.

To learn more about Crestron programming by CCS Midwest, call (402) 913-3700 today!

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