What You Need to Know About Conference Room Design

conference room
The conference room is more than a shared space for meetings. When carefully designed, the conference room becomes a place for collaboration, innovation, and invention. The important thing to remember about conference room design is that it should be unique to your business’ set of needs and wants. Does your business need design ideas for its conference room? The experts at CCS Midwest have a list of simple additions you can make to enhance the productivity and creativity in this essential business space.

Conference Room Design How-to:


When it comes to the conference room, form and function should by your primary design focuses. If you can meet somewhere in the middle, your business is sure to flourish in your newly renovated space. As you make your color selection for the walls, be considerate of the fact that some colors — think cotton white and darker hues — can complicate video conferencing, making it more difficult for outside parties to view your presentation. On the same token, lighter, more subtle color shades — think beige and grays — are ideal. Looking for something with a bit more flair? Muted blues are conducive to productivity and have the added bonus of creating a tranquil ambiance, something many workers can appreciate.


A conference room should not be sparsely decorated. In fact, a well-furnished conference room is a sure-fire way to facilitate more successful video conferences and company meetings. However, it is important to stress that a well-furnished room does not translate into more decorations and furniture. Rather, it means considering what layout and furniture can help increase the comfort of meeting attendees, without creating distractions. Need some starter ideas?

Horseshoe Formation

If your space allows for it, arranging desks and seating in a U formation is best for video conferences and larger meetings, as this allows everyone to be visible by all parties.

Glare Prevention

Having art and personal artifacts on the walls is another good way to add warmth to an otherwise stuffy space. However, it is essential that you place mirrors, picture frames, and any other items with reflective surfaces out of the video camera’s view.


Lighting should be another central focus as you are designing your conference room. Believe it or not, lighting can greatly impact the aesthetics of a space. Because of this, you will want to follow some basic guidelines:

  • Avoid fluorescent lighting

  • Indirect candescent lights & diffused fluorescent fixtures are choice

  • Rooms without windows that let in direct sunlight are ideal for video conferencing

  • If you have a room with windows, consider applying a treatment that restricts direct light

Hire a Professional

When it comes to conference room design, a well-thought plan needs to be in place. Does your business need assistance?

Call (402) 913-3700 to learn how we can help with your conference room design needs — our professionals look forward to assisting you.

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