CCTV and Privacy: Where Do You Stand?

While no one contests the benefits of CCTV for deterring crime and catching criminals, some individuals are concerned that the wide-spread use of CCTV may be infringing on the privacy rights of the American individual. After all, CCTV systems are everywhere these days, from shopping malls to schools to office buildings. Are they too much?

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For the majority of Americans, most CCTV systems pose no problem. After all, the average American has nothing to hide and recognizes that CCTV is important for catching criminals and keeping people safe. While most everyone would agree that there should be limits on where CCTV can be placed and what the feeds can be used for, most Americans are fine with companies using them in public places for strictly security reasons.

Some Americans, on the other hand, are opposed to the widespread use of CCTV, and this doesn`t just include criminals. Even people who have nothing to hide don`t like the idea that “Big Brother” is watching their every move. They are generally opposed based on the principle of the matter–that Americans have a right to privacy–not because there is anything specific that they are trying to hide.

The matter isn`t as simple as just saying that cameras are or are not an invasion of rights, however. The issue also depends largely on who is taking the video, what they are recording and what they are using the video for. While recording the outside of a shopping center is one matter, recording the inside of dressing rooms is a completely different matter, even if the intentions are the same.

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While the two sides will likely never come to an agreement on the issue, the widespread use of CCTV is not likely to slow down anytime soon. In light of disturbing news reports of shootings and burglaries, more and more businesses are using them to keep their customers and businesses safe.

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