Why Your Business Needs Digital Signage

In our consumer-oriented age, people aren’t just faced with visually-stimulating interactive ads on television or online — more and more, retailers and businesses are taking their digital advertising public with digital signage. With around 2.5 million digital signage units in circulation, retailers are tapping into this growing medium with great success.

You might think that your business can get by without digital signage and stick with traditional advertising routes. It’s true that these marketing efforts are useful, but they don’t pack the same punch as digital signage. Here are several compelling reasons why your business needs to invest in digital signage.

Digital Signs Are More Interactive

Why Your Business Needs Digital Signage

Static advertising and signage just can’t compete with the interactivity of digital options. Whereas a print ad can’t change once it’s sent to press, advertisements placed on this medium can be instantly adjusted to address a different set of viewers, reflect a new product or service launch, or display more updated information. Whether you’re using a sign to connect with a consumer or client or to conduct internal business, the interactive, non-stationary nature of digital signage wins.

Digital Signage Cuts Costs

While digital signage may seem like a large up-front investment, it will cut costs dramatically. Your business will save on printing costs, as you won’t need to create new posters and advertisements every time you change your marketing efforts or roll out a new internal policy. You’ll be able to quickly and easily update the message to reflect new information. Less printing costs also means less paper waste — another benefit!

Less-Intrusive Customer Education

When customer or client education is a priority for your business but you don’t want your salespeople or customer service team tied up answering FAQs, our signage solutions can help with your efforts. You can broadcast information on special promotions, store or business policies, hours, and more, keeping your customers informed but leaving your employees free to handle pressing issues. A signage system also makes education efforts feel less intrusive and aggressive. No customer or client likes to feel barraged with information or hounded by a salesperson. Digital signage allows you to share information that your customers can view without feeling bombarded.

Low-Cost Strategic Branding

Digital signage will also help you control and broadcast your brand. Whereas a TV or web-based advertisement might have high costs and low-impact depending on its dissemination, a branded video, slideshow, or presentation broadcast on a digital display will have lower overall costs. Not to mention that you’ll be able to easily control and alter when, where, and how you broadcast your message — including making changes after your campaign has launched. When conducting concerted branding efforts on digital signage, you’ll be able to reach and engage your target audience with your brand, making real-time adjustments that just aren’t possible through other digital advertising avenues.

Get Digital Signage From CCS Midwest

Are you ready to move your business forward with digital signage? CCS Midwest has the solutions that will help you improve internal and external communications, cut printing costs, and better control customer education and branding efforts. We offer a wide range of interactive digital signage options and bundles, including video walls and traveling kiosks. And we specialize in signage systems integration.

Call CCS Midwest today at (402) 913-3700  to discuss your digital signage needs and learn more about our installation services!

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