Can You Afford Your Noise?

You may think of unwanted noise as nothing more than a distraction or an annoyance, but it could be costing your business big money. Unwanted sounds have been shown to have a negative effect on health, raising stress levels and blood pressure. Studies have also shown that they decrease employee productivity, motivation, and performance. Even worse, in environments where noise isn’t controlled, privacy and confidentiality can be compromised. These are risks most businesses can’t afford to take.


Sound Masking

Sound Masking: Making Quiet

 by Adding Noise

In a 2002 study by Herman Miller, office workers cited “overheard conversation” as the biggest annoyance in the workplace. Since it is impossible to create a conversation free office (though many bosses have probably tried), many businesses turn to sound masking for a solution. Sound masking is a technique involving the use of white or pink noise to make unwanted noises less distracting.The ambient noise is tuned to frequencies that mask speech and other related office noises, making it impossible to distinguish the words in a conversation more than twenty feet from your employee’s desk. If you’ve ever turned on a fan or TV static to drown out the noise of your neighbor’s party next door, you have used sound masking.

Benefits of Sound Masking

There are many different types of sound masking systems, but they all have the same benefits, including:

  • Increased employee productivity and motivation

  • Reduction of  employee error, especially in areas like data entry

  • Increased privacy and confidentiality for your business and clients

Make the Call For Quiet

In either an open or closed Omaha office environment, a sound masking system is often the most cost effective method for reducing harmful and dangerous noise from your workplace. Make the call to the trusted experts at CCS Midwest at (402) 913-3700 to get more details today!

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