4 Ways Video Conferencing Will Improve Your Client Relationships

We`ve boasted about the benefits of video conferencing before, from lower costs to increased flexibility.

But video conferencing benefits are often a little more intangible, and they don`t just involve your employees, either.

Here are some key ways that video conferencing can foster better client relationships.

Boost Client Relationships With Video Conferencing

Connect Better During Meetings

When your business uses video conferencing to conduct meetings with clients, your employees and clients are more likely to connect on a deeper level than they would with just audio conferencing. During a telephone call, employees may multitask, which takes away from the client conversation. In fact, in a survey 72% of respondents indicated that they multitask by talking to other colleagues, 34% use social media, 34% field other calls, and 6% sleep!

Video ChatWith video conferencing, multitasking is kept to a minimum, since the client can see what you`re doing on the other end. As a results, all parties will feel like they`ve truly been heard and understood.

Face-to-Face Interaction Helps With Troubleshooting

Another way your customer relationships will thrive thanks to video conferencing? When your employees are able to offer face-to-face (well, technically screen-to-screen) help to clients, any issues they have can be resolved more quickly than over the phone or via email.

Enable Quicker, Easier Collaboration

During a phone conversation, it can be cumbersome to pull in and introduce other coworkers. It`s easy to confuse voices and lose track of who is speaking. The same isn`t true of video conferencing; it`s much easier to track who`s speaking, and thus easier to collaborate. In an in-person meeting, you also can`t pull in another coworker on a whim; with video conferencing, if the need for a colleague`s presence arises, you can easily ask them into your office to help out!

Video Conferencing for Your Midwest Business

CCS Midwest has the expertise to provide the equipment, infrastructure, and integration you need for seamless video conferencing. If your Omaha, Nebraska, Iowa, or South Dakota business is looking to improve communications with video conferencing, call (402) 913-3700 today!

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